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MIUI 12 will bring Uniformed Fonts and UI Elements, Common Loading Screens for System Apps & more


A couple of days back, MIUI head designer conducted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Mi Community in China to discuss new features in MIUI. Now, the official Weibo account of MIUI has shared some of the questions discussed hinting us a number of changes that are headed to MIUI 12.

Most of the questions from Chinese MIUI users were regarding fonts, which is interesting for us global MIUI users. The first question suggested adding support for fonts globally. For this, the MIUI personnel replied that they have been working on it for a while now, however, font change will still not have an effect in webview.

Another person asked regarding dynamic third-part fonts. For that, the designer said that third-party apps do not support dynamic functionality like the system fonts introduced in MIUI 11. But he assured they will work with third-party developers to bring this feature to users.

One user criticized the current UI elements to be ununiform and the reply to that was ‘MIUI 12 will optimize it’. That means we can expect an overall refined UI with uniformity in MIUI 12.

Further, another user said that currently all system apps have different loading screen and thus suggested to make them uniform. To this, the MIUI designer confirmed MIUI 12 to bring unified blank pages, loading pages and loading icons to all the system apps.

A user even suggested optimizing volume sliders and the reply for that was it will be unified with other sliders in MIUI 12. Another UI suggestion was to make quick toggles square. But for that, the head of MIUI explained it will look bad with modern phones with curved edges. So, it will continue to remain circular even in MIUI 12.

As mentioned in the beginning, most of the suggestions and questions were related to fonts such as improvement in dark and light scenarios, bold in certain places to highlight headings, optimization of numerical fonts, bigger battery percentage in phone with a dew-drop notch, and more.

In a nutshell, the MIUI head has assured that all the possible features and changes to MIUI 12 as suggested by users who attended the virtual AMA on Mi Community in China will be implemented in the upcoming MIUI version. The latest iteration of Xiaomi mobile software is expected to debut in the second half of 2020.


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