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Microsoft postponed the launch of Dual Screen devices (2021)

(Rumor) Microsoft postponed the launch of Dual-Screen devices to 2021

So, with a release originally planned for the end of the year, it looks like things are really going to have to be postponed.

Since the latest rumors and leaks point out that Panos Panay has already spoken with the teams responsible for the products, in order to give the bad news. That is, it is almost certain that the Surface Neo will not reach the shelves in 2020, in addition, Microsoft will also not make Windows 10X available to any partner. (Obviously, Microsoft wants to be the first to hit the market with its own product)
However, there is still hope for the Surface Duo!

Interestingly, the leak only mentions the Surface Neo and not the Surface Duo which will be based on the Android Operating System instead of the new 10X.

Which in turn may mean that the device will even be launched as originally planned (at the end of the year), in order to take advantage of the difficulties of several manufacturers in the world of smartphones, namely Apple. However, still, nothing is certain, and things can quickly get complicated in these last months of development. It is for these and many reasons that the manufacturer has remained silent.

Following the announcement of the existence of Surface Centaurus, a kind of dual-screen notebook being developed by Microsoft and Intel earlier this year, another rumor will appeal to those already tired of traditional displays. According to the DigiTimes news portal, companies are “expanding” the partnership to develop design and manufacture standards for dual-screen devices. The details of these patterns,…

Microsoft impressed everyone and everything with a new generation of Dual-Screen devices last year, which unfortunately disappointed them soon with a release date of 2020. That said, if by chance I was counting the days for the launch of these devices, you can take the horse out of the rain… The North American giant Microsoft is now planning to postpone the launch of both until 2021.


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