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Mi Soundbar 2 and Mi Treadmill receives Bluetooth Certification

Two new Xiaomi products have received Bluetooth certification by the Bluetooth SIG. The two devices are a soundbar and a treadmill and were certified a few days ago.

Xiaomi currently has a soundbar that is sold in India and China, so this should be a successor to it. The certificate reveals the product name is “2.1 Soundbar” and it has the model number MDZ-35-DA. The model number is actually similar to that of the Redmi Soundbar 2.0 (MDZ-34-DA) that received its own certification last month. This should be an indication that both products are closely related.

The new Xiaomi soundbar surprisingly supports Bluetooth 4.0 and not the more recent Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. It should launch first in China before making its way to other markets.

Alongside the soundbar, the Bluetooth SIG also certified the Mi Treadmill which has model number MJPBJ01KST. The description says it is foldable which isn’t a first for a Xiaomi treadmill. It will connect via Bluetooth 4.2.

Going by Xiaomi’s other treadmills, this should connect to your phone to sync your exercise sessions and may also have a controller to adjust the speed.

Both products might launch anytime which can be soon or even much later. Nevertheless, once they are announced, we will let you know.

The Redmi Soundbar 2.0 got its certification Earlier by the Bluetooth SIG. This is the first- time we are hearing about this products. As expected, we now however have some key details,and to begin with, thanks to the FCC listing. The next soundbar will arrive with the model number MDZ-34-DA. Apart from this, we also know that the product will come with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. For those who’re unaware, the original soundbar arrived with the older Bluetooth 4.2.

Sadly, the rest of the details remains unknown. Although we now expect more information in the coming weeks. Considering the Mi Soundbar 2.0, the successor should also come with numerous connectivity features such as Optical, SPDIF and Aux mode. It is also -safe to assume that it will offer improved audio quality as well.

What To Expect From the Redmi Soundbar 2.0 As of now, apart for the details mentioned above, there is nothing much about the Redmi Soundbar 2.0 which we know. Given that it has arrived on the certification databases, we can however expect the launch of the soundbar to approach soon as it is the second- model from the company. It would be very interesting to see improved audio performances, numerous connectivity options such as Aux, SPDIF, and Optical mode in the upcoming soundbar from Redmi.

What We Think; What We Think Given that the Mi Soundbar was released for Rs. 4,499, we can however expect the Redmi Soundbar 2.0 that is rumoured to be an even affordable offering similar to the pricing strategy followed by the Redmi and Mi smartphones. However, we cannot come to any conclusion till there is an official confirmation from the company. Until then, this information should be taken with a grain of salt.


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