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Mi Band 4 and 3 can now natively unlock Windows Laptops with the Latest Update

Xiaomi sells several popular products apart from smartphones. One such series is the company’s lineup of fitness bands. Currently, the Mi band is in its fourth generation with Mi Band 4 launched back in June 2019. This wearable has so far received multiple updates bringing new features and fixing bugs. Now, the company is currently rolling out a new firmware update for both Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 3 from 2018 that adds new functionality to let users unlock laptops running Windows 10.
Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The Mi Band 4 has been receiving firmware updates almost every month. However, since November, these updates have almost always fixed bugs instead of adding any new features to Mi Band 3 or Mi Band 4. Now the latest firmware that is being rolled out by the company is finally bringing a change to these fitness trackers in a very long time.

The latest update bumps up the firmware version of Mi Band 4 to V1.0.9.42 from V1.0.9.34 and adds a function to unlock Windows 10 laptops. Unfortunately, this functionality is only limited to users in India as of now. Although the first laptops via Mi Band 3 and 4 were possible earlier, it required a third-party app. But now the function has been officially integrated into the Mi Fit app.

Additionally, the new firmware update on both trackers also brings improvement in step counter by fixing ghost steps issues. Also, as the firmware update comes bundled with the Mi Fit app update, the app’s version has now been incremented to 4.0.17 with improved user experience by fixing known bugs and adding support for Apple ID sign-in.

The Xiaomi Mi Band series of fitness trackers are quite popular among Malaysians thanks to its affordability. But fitness tracking is all it does besides other features like message notifications and phone-dependent music playback.

But fret not, Xiaomi is adding a new feature to the Mi Band 3 and the Mi Band 4, which will be quite useful. With the latest update, you’ll be able to unlock your Windows 10 laptop!

Reports haven’t said much about how it works – but if it works anything as you would get with third-party apps, you should be able to hover your Mi Band over your laptop, and that should unlock it immediately. This feature was first made available only for Indian users, but now it’s going global.


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