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McDonald’s is launching a 5G smart product in China on April 15

Earlier today (13th April 2020), McDonald’s official WeChat public account released an interesting new announcement. The fast food giant is going to launch a 5G smart product in China, on the 15th of April 2020.

The company also shared various teasers and promotional images of the same. However, it is currently unknown what exactly the smart product is, and how the newer and faster bandwidth ties in with it. Although from what we can gather, the new product will have a display surrounded by thin bezels. It will even feature a wide angle lens, which will support facial recognition as well.

Amongst other news, the device will also have speakers and will support 5G networking. As of right now, it is also unclear if this is a collaboration between McDonald’s and a tech industry brand. This may still be likely, considering the company primarily focuses on the fast food industry and not technology, but that sort of collaboration would’ve seen more advertising or promotion.

Thus, we can only wait for the official announcement to know for sure, what the device in question actually is. The date of the conference is 15th April 2020, so stay tuned as we will be covering the event and more.

To further create a buzz, the fast food chain’s WeChat applet has opened a new “5G” gift certificate which includes three kinds of coupons, limited to free, 50% off, 10% off, three kinds of coupons are sent randomly.

Price and availability

The consumers will get the window from April 13th to 14th and McDonald’s registered members can randomly select a new “5G” coupon. The free and 50% discount coupons are limited to 200,000 and 800,000, respectively.

The price of the 5G phone including details will be announced on April 15, and the event is McDonald’s members’ exclusive event. The new product vouchers can only be redeemed on April 15th and 16th through applets, restaurant buffet ordering machines, and restaurant counter scan codes.


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