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List of 7 Best Photo Watermark Software for Mac and Windows in 2021

Here are the best programs to sign photos and protect their copyright in order to avoid misuse.

If you need to upload your photos or images to the web or send them to strangers, there is a way to apply your watermark and protect its intellectual property with a simple watermark.

Here is a list of watermark programs that will allow you to insert stickers, writings, custom logos, and much more on your photos. You can also set the watermark position, size, transparency, and so on. Make yourself comfortable and take a few minutes of free time to carefully read the next lines, because at the end of the reading, I am sure that you will be able to create watermarks to protect your photos in no time.

Programs to sign photos

The best free watermark programs for Windows and Mac. Follow the instructions to download, install, and learn how to sign digital photos. Below you will find free watermarks that will help you mark photos without being a photo editing expert.


If you want to sign your photos, you must first download the XnConvert software. It is a photo program that not only converts many images but also adds filters and watermarks (text and logos) operating on multiple levels.

To sign digital photos with XnConvert, you have to start the program and click on Add file or Add folder. Then select the photo to edit. The thumbnails will be loaded into the Source tab. Then click on Actions and then on Add Action. From the Image menu, select Watermark.

Now choose the file containing the transparent image with your signature or logo by defining its opacity and size. Then click on Destination and indicate in which folder the program will have to save the newly processed images. Specify the target format (JPEG, PNG, etc.) and click Convert to finish the process and enjoy the result.

Visual Watermark

Visual Watermark is another of the best photo programs to mark any image and protect its copyright. You can download it as a free version with a trial period of 30 days and then buy it for personal use for 19.95 euros.

After downloading it on Windows or Mac, launch Visual Watermark and drag the photos you want to sign onto the main screen, then click on Next step and choose one of the items among: Add textAdd logoAdd group. Continue with Next step and specify the folder to save the photos.

Then choose one of the options to fit the image in width and height, and press Preview to see the result. To apply the watermark to the photo, just press the Insert the watermark button.

uMark Photo

uMark Photo is a Windows and Mac compatible program that allows you to add a signature or logo to your photos. It offers a 15-day free trial version, after which you will have to pay $ 29.

After installing uMark Photo, start it, enter your email, and activate the free version by pressing the Activate button. Then press the Continue trial button and OK to use the watermark software. Click on Add photos to start selecting the photo you want to sign, and click on Add watermark, to choose either a text watermark with Add text watermark, or a logo watermark with Add image watermark, or a watermark with shape geometric with Add shape watermark.

Insert the watermark by selecting and dragging it to the point where you want to place it and press on Save image and then on Select, to indicate the folder where to save the images. Choose the format in Output format and click on Start to launch the export. Wait for the images to be saved and confirm everything by pressing OK.

FastStone Photo Resizer

FastStone Photo Resizer is one of the best photo signing programs that allows you to apply a trademark, signature, or logo on images on the Windows operating system.

To insert a watermark, specify a folder in which the photos are contained. Choose the ones you want to sign and press the Add button. Alternatively, you can also drag images to the Input list box.

Tick the item Use Advanced options and press the button Advanced options, and then immediately select the tab Watermark high. Check the Add watermark option and click on the icon with the three dots to specify the writing or logo to be applied on the photo. In Position it indicates the position between Top leftTop CenterBottom rightCenter, and so on.


IrfanView is another completely free graphics program that, among many things, also watermarks on photos. This program manipulates images for conversion, scanning, viewing, and printing; it also creates presentations and adds audio and video.

To apply a signature to digital photos, you must first start it and from the File menu, click on Convert / Rename to batch… In the window that appears, select the photo you want to mark by searching for it on your PC and immediately click on the Add or Add all button if you want to apply the watermark in batch.

Then choose the destination folder in the Output directory and then press the Advanced button. On the Setup screen for all images, check Add text and click on Settings. Here you can set the width and height of the watermark, choose the position, and in the text field specify the writing by adding CopyrightDateTime. Then set if you want to apply the transparency and the font you like best. Align the writing and complete everything by pressing the OK button.

After returning to the main screen of prizes, Start Conversion (Start Batch) and enjoy the result.


If you are a photo editing expert and already own Photoshop, you can create a watermark and add a watermark to your photos in a few simple steps. Before starting Photoshop, download the Digimarc plugin. At the end of the download, it starts its installation and then launches Photoshop. Go to File and press Open… to import your photo into the program.

Then go to Filter, at the top, then to Digimarc, and to Include watermark to insert the copyrights. After marking the photo, save it on your PC, and that’s it.


Even Gimp, like Photoshop, offers adding a signature on images for professional users. To apply watermarks on photos, choose the New item from the File menu. In the window that appears set as width 1600 and as height 1200. Then go to Advanced options and choose Transparency from the drop-down menu. Then click on OK.

To put your signature, select the text tool from the toolbar and choose the font, font size, and color. Now write the text you will use as your signature and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to center it. Then use the Auto-crop Image item from the Image menu to customize its size and press Export from the File menu to complete the operation. Enter the .png extension of the file to set the image as transparent.

Now open the photo you want to sign by choosing the Open item from the File menu and then select the Open as layers item from the File menu to load the image file of your signature. Use the Move and Scale tools in the toolbar to adapt the signature to the image to be signed. Having obtained the desired effect, choose the Export item from the File menu and save everything.



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