Lenovo launches the M2 electric scooter, runs for 30km and priced at 1999 Yuan ($282)

Lenovo has recently launched a new electric scooter. The M2 is currently available for purchase, priced at 1,999 Yuan (roughly 282 US Dollars), and can run for up to 30 kilometers in a single full charge.

The Lenovo M2 electric scooter features a triple brake system alongside a triple shock absorption system as well. The battery outputs about 350W of power and is the driving force behind the endurance centric scooter. The frame/body of the Lenovo M2 is built from an aluminum alloy structure that is also rated for IP54 protection. The body of the electric scooter can support weights of about 120 kilograms.

Being made from a light alloy, the weight of the Lenovo M2 electric scooter is less than 15 kilograms. Furthermore, it is equipped with an LED control panel, which displays the current speed, power, gear, and other statuses as well. The scooter is equipped with lithium batteries and one can even check the status of the battery through the WeChat app companion.

Looking at the official images, the Lenovo M2 follows a minimalistic design with gray themes and a red lining on the insides of the wheel. It sports a standard electric scooter look and is even built with portability n mind, thanks to it being able to fold inward from the front wheel.

According to the manufacturer, the new scooter from Xiaomi still provides a tip and a half speed similar to the previous model, however these points could differ depending on the weight of the person. As with the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, it allows drivers up to 100 kilograms in weight and two meters in height.

In this sense, the maximum speed of the new scooter from Xiaomi is 25 kilometers per hour and it drops to 15 km / h in Eco mode. A novelty of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro is a third energy mode dedicated to sport , where users can select various data to display on the screen, display speed and other data in real time.

Also, the levels of regenerative braking, which previously had to be controlled from the application, can now be done both from the app and from the panel.

But the main attraction in the technical field is the improved autonomy of the new Xiaomi Mijia Electric Pro. In our analysis of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter we achieved an autonomy very close to the 30 kilometers specified by the manufacturer, although we must take into account aspects such as the level established for regenerative braking, the speed at which we move, weather (wind for or against) or the weight of the user.

The battery of the new Xiaomi Mijia Electric Pro grows from 280 Wh to 474Wh, a figure that will allow users to reach 45 kilometers of autonomy in the most favorable conditions.

A slightly higher price for a slightly superior model

The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro is a version that retains the main strengths of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, as are its design, materials and top speed, offering a plus maneuverability in the form of LED panel on the handlebar and an autonomy theoretically 50% higher.

Xiaomi has opted to prolong the autonomy so that we can use it during the day with the guarantee that, for the majority of users, it will cover their expectations in an urban setting.

Also, in this new version have not improved their speeds, given that the original model already offered a few figures for what it is, an urban scooter that already involves risks in spaces where it coexists with pedestrians and other vehicles like cars, motorcycles or bicycles.

Some interesting improvements with respect to what the market offers that make it a very attractive model for potential buyers but perhaps not so innovative as to make the leap from one model to another.

With these modifications, Xiaomi has launched the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro in China at an official price significantly higher than the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, 2,799 yuan for the 1,999 yuan of the original model.

At the change, these 2,799 yuan are approximately at 369 euros, a priori price very similar to the 349 euros that costs in Spain the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, but to be marketed officially, it would be necessary to add other concepts such as taxes .


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