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Latest new Samsung Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 buyers also (bizarrely) missed out on Qualcomm’s heavily upgraded 3D Sonic Max fingerprint reader as Samsung stuck with the glitchy gen one module used in the Galaxy S10. This happened despite Qualcomm making the readers available to smartphone makers five months ahead of the Galaxy S20 launch. The Note 20 will fix that mistake as well. 

Throw in the fact that the Galaxy Note 20 line-up will get the S20’s flagship camera upgrades along with an even more refined design and a radically upgraded S Pen (which is behind the range’s ‘Project Canvas’ codename) and the S20’s are beginning to look like the warm-up act for the 2020 Notes. 

And here’s the kicker: if the Note 20 launches and you still prefer the Galaxy S20, you can laugh all the way to the bank because historical data shows the Galaxy S10’s value fell by up to 65% by the summer of 2019 as promotions and trade-in deals flooded the market. With demand for new smartphones understandably low in the current climate, you can expect inventory build-up to drive Galaxy S20 prices even lower this year. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to like about the S20 phones but you’d be crazy to buy one right now. 

03/19 Update: potential Galaxy S20 owners have two more reasons to hold off their upgrades today. First, news has broken that current owners are experiencing serious GPS issues. Spotted by XDA Developers, Galaxy S20 models for a number of users are taking 10-15 minutes to find a GPS lock on their location which has made mapping services like Waze and Google Maps virtually useless on their phones. A timeline for a fix is unknown with Samsung yet to acknowledge the fault. Second, detective work from XDA Developer’s Max Weinbach has discovered that users paying extra for the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s much vaunted 45W charging are not getting what they expect. Tests found that 45W only actives when charging the Ultra from 0-30% capacity, after which it defaults to 25W like the rest of the Galaxy S20 line-up. The result is a total charge time that is almost identical to standard 25W charging with Weinbach labeling Samsung’s implementation of 45W charging as “basically useless”. Samsung can expect significant criticism for this, but it has time to address it for the Galaxy Note 20.

03/20 Update: sterling detective work by XDA Developers’s popular leaker Max Weinbach has today uncovered Samsung’s first direct confirmation of the Galaxy Note 20 along with the Galaxy Fold 2 and a mystery new device. All were found hidden inside Samsung’s recently released kernel source for the Galaxy S20 line-up and reference the Note 20’s “Project Canvas” codename and “Project Winner2” (Project Winner was the retrospectively funny codename given to the original Galaxy Fold) and the kernel also ties that, as expected, to Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 865 chipset. Meanwhile, the mystery device goes by “Project Zodiac” and runs on the 2019 Snapdragon 855 chipset which suggests a more affordable device. That said, the Galaxy Z Flip also uses the 855 and is a $1,300 folding phone, so potential also exists for Samsung to make further inroads here as it looks to double down on its folding display tech. Watch this space.


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