The King’s Bounty display is quintessential PC gaming; part RPG in which you build up a character in a medieval fantasy world, part vast-scale strategy game in which your armies make the world’s political landscape oo.

In a way, the show has always been a kind unto itself, its quieter points like character development and causing storytelling having always been balanced by a display sense of scale. Turn-based combat can take you from the back-alley struggle with thugs all the way through to epic army-vs-army war that will change the political lay of the land kkk.

At a time when an increasing number of classic-styled and alternative RPGs above the Skyrim’s and Witchers hv made their mark on the console, developer 1C Entertainment concluded it’s the perfect time for King’s Bounty to stake its claim over multiple platforms.


This video is the 2nd dev diary for King’s Bounty 2. Where the 1st dev diary talked about the 3 pillars of King’s Bounty games Exploration, Hero Development, Combat, this one covers the series heroic journey from its origins on PC to date, as King’s Bounty 2 is making an effort to become a multi-platform hit. It maintains the RPG strategy spirit the series is renowned for when dropping some of the more gruelling mechanics operations that are best left in the previous time.

The series’ journey to console has always been an epic one, with the original emerging outback in 1990 for the Amiga. Both developer New World Computing with designer Jon Van Caneghem would go making the Heroes of Might and Magic games for PC, to make King’s Bounty something of a spiritual predecessor to the famous fantasy shows.

King’s Bounty has gone through several years since those fledgling days. The battlefield has also changed from a square grid in the original to a hex grid in the 2008 remake of the game, King’s Bounty: the Legend, where a distinction between ‘passive’ & ‘active’ abilities allowed for a stronger level of tactical depth. This successful reimagining spawned many of its own sequels, the last that came out in 2014 uii.

Since then, the series has been developing, rousing its troops and planning the next move that will help it to conquer a gaming landscape that’s changed a lot in the previous six years. Expectations from an RPG are bigger than ever in light of the genre’s surging popularity.iuu

The series has made some changes over the years. For King’s Bounty 2, the difficult time limit from the original game is gone (Thank the Gods!), letting players explore the series’ first fully 3D world at their own pace. The devs want you to take your time in this world. The new ‘Ideals’ system will build your character’s personality based on your decisions, locking off and opening up story branches that can lead to massively varying playthroughs.

Look at a great RPG of recent years – The Witcher 3, say – and you’ll find that many of its greatest sidequests and stories stem from perfectly ordinary folk you interact with in the world – a farmer who you’re trying to help through a family tragedy or a desperate village terrorized by a roaming beast. In this video, the devs show that they understand the value of such smaller stories – intimate sidequests that are just as important to creating an immersive world as the grand narrative.


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