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Huawei will be venturing into Smart Car Charging Solutions with its new HiCharger DC Fast Charging Module

Huawei is involved in a number of industries which include smartphones, telecommunications, and even smart TVs. A few days back, the company announced the launch of a new Hauwei HiCharger DC fast charging module on April 24. This new charging module will be used as an energy charging infrastructure solution in co-operation with a number of electric departments in China such as Grid (Beijing) and Xingxing Charging (Changzhou), Nanwang Electric (Shenzhen), China Merchants Sanyou (Beijing), Zhuhai Titan (Zhuhai) and Dalian Robinson (Dalian), and others.

The release of HiCharger DC fast charging module will officially mark Huawei’s entry into the field of charging solutions. The company’s energy product lineup will cover four areas namely data center energy, communications energy, smart photovoltaic, and smart electric.

Out of the which, the Huawei smart electric division is committed to creating high-quality, high-standard automotive electrification solutions, providing components such as charging and power supply, electronic control, and battery management.

If Huawei continues to thrive in the new charging solutions like the upcoming HiCharger DC fast charging module, it could become one of the primary suppliers of smart car charging solutions in a few years from now, at least in its home country China.

In addition to charging solutions, the company has already announced a smart interactive system for cars called HiCar late last year. This feature is baked into the brand’s EMUI mobile software and is available on certain high-end smartphones like Mate 30 series.


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