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Huawei tries to push 5G forward in the UK, despite the Coronavirus Pandemic

Back in January, Huawei had been granted limited access to provide the UK with the 5G network standards. The company was only offered noncore areas, with a market cap of just 35 percent. However, opposition in the Parliament has been a leading an effort to overturn this decision. Despite this, Huawei is still pushing forward with infrastructure, even as pressures increase due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

In an open letter, Victor Zhang, the Huawei UK chief, stated that the company’s service is essential to the UK. The senior exective brought up statistics that pointed at a surge in data usage in the past month, which has grown than more than 50 percent. This has put telecom operators and their systems under significant pressure. Huawei is already partnering with BT, Vodafone and EE to deal with this issue.

The Chinese tech giant has even set up three new warehouses to ensure spare parts remain in supply across the region. Zhang said that the rural communities are still stuck in the “Digital slow lane,” which has become even more apparent during the viral crisis. Thus, “”Disrupting our involvement in the 5G rollout would do Britain a disservice.” The official also pointed at false accusations from “parties” that would pressure against the 5G rollout in the UK.

In March, 38 Conservative MPs voted against Huawei’s involvement, which is a higher than expected number. This also points to the growing criticism against the Chinese tech giant and the issues it may face when the Telecoms Infrastructure Bill comes before Parliament. The bill is expected to be addressed later this year.


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