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Huawei Super-Charge Wireless Charger Stand up for pre-order on JD.com

During the P40 series launch event which was held on March 26, Huawei equally launched a couple of accessories, including protective cases and wireless chargers for the models. One of the wireless chargers is the Huawei SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand. The product has now opened for pre-orders on Jungdond (JD.com).

The JD.com product page for the gadget requires intending buyers to deposit 30 yuan to join the queue. The page countdown timer also suggests that the product will go on sale in ten days’ time, specifically on April 7. Unfortunately, the price is yet to be revealed.

Wireless charging is fast becoming one of the important standards for flagship mobile phones. As a result, we have seen many improvements in the power output of wireless chargers and the output has even surpassed that of wired chargers in some cases. Huawei’s latest P40 series support wireless charging at different capacities. While the P40 and P40 Pro support 27W wireless fast charging, the P40 Pro Plus brings support for 40W wireless fast charging.

Huawei’s latest SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand supports 40W wireless fast charging. The charger uses a high-gloss glass panel + aluminum alloy, with a 60-degree elevation as well as a silicone non-slip mat at the bottom. There is an external LED indicator that displays the current charging status of the phone at any point in time. The LED also flashes in different ways to show if it is in the standby state charging mode or if there is a metal obstruction (quick flashes).

The charging dock comes with a built-in centrifugal fan which cools the phone while charging. The fan automatically adjusts its speed based on the ambient temperature, such that it automatically switches to the ultra-quiet mode at night. The product is compatible with most phones that support wireless charging.


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