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Huawei P40 can be used as a dedicated microphone

Huawei had just recently launched its latest flagship series, the Huawei P40 lineup. It arrives with top notch specs and features, and according to a new leak, it can soon also be used as a standalone dedicated microphone, thanks to its wireless sound transmission.

From what we know so far, the wireless sound transmission is a feature that is only supported on the Huawei FreeBuds, FlyPods and FreeLance series of audio wearables at the moment. Through these headphones, one can transmit the external sound directly from the Huawei P40’s microphone to the Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speakers in real time. In other words, it effectively makes the smartphone a dedicated microphone which also allows sound amplification.

There are certain real life applications of this as well. First, the wireless listening can act as a baby monitor, a device that relays sound from an audio capturing device in the infants’ room and an audio output device with the mother when she is not around. Thus, creating a situation that even if she is busy, the sound of the baby crying or other emergencies can be heard from afar through headphones.

Another great example is sound application. Imagine a tour guide giving a lecture on all the rare and ancient artifacts in a museum. It can even be used by teachers for sound amplification, with the Huawei P40 acting as the microphone while a Bluetooth speaker amplifies the sounds so it is better audible for a larger crowd. A few people have also ridiculed the feature, as it also has potential for eavesdropping from a different room, although its viability is still unsure.


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