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Huawei MindSpore AI Computing Framework goes Open-Source

Huawei MindSpore AI computing framework is similar to what Google’s TensorFlow is all about. But the latter has an advantage as it is an open-source platform. Following its footsteps, Huawei has also made its Mindspore framework open-source. The company announced it on the second day of Huawei Developer Conference Cloud 2020.

The Chinese tech giant Huawei first announced the MindSpore AI computing framework in August 2019. It follows the three core development goals, and they are peaceful development, efficient execution, and adaptable to all scenarios, respectively.

As privacy has become a concern in today’s world, MindSpore only deals with gradient and model information, which has already been processed. That means it does not handle the data itself, and hence private user data remains protected even in cross-scenario environments. Further, it also has a built-in model protection technology for added security.

The MindSpore AI framework can be used in all scenarios across all devices, edges and cloud environments. It also provides on-demand cooperation between them and its “AI Algorithm As Code” design helps developers to build advanced AI applications seamlessly. Because in a typical neural network for NLP (Natural Language Processing), it has 20% fewer lines of core code than other frameworks in the market and thus increases the efficiency of developers by at least 50%.

Huawei MindSpore AI framework not only supports the company’s lineup of AI processors such as Ascend 910 but also other CPUs and GPUs available in the market.

“But so far, we are yet to see a framework which is adaptable to all scenarios, across every device, edges, and cloud environments, and that provides on-demand cooperation among them. That is why we released the MindSpore AI framework,” Xu reported.

According to him, MindSpore will open source in the first quarter of 2020, and he hopes that this framework helps software developers build advanced AI applications with ease and makes their models more quickly as ever.

Washington at put initially put Huawei on the Entity List in May, banning it from buying & accessing techs and originating in the US without particular govt. Approval–.

Xu said the ban had had no extraordinary impact on the company’s AI strategy and business.

Currently, Google’s TensorFlow is mostly used by Chinese software developers to build AI applications, and it has a relatively vibrant ecosystem all over in China jkn.

Xu said, “The greatest challenge for MindSpore is whether we can build a strong and active ecosystem. Our edge depends on our large number of smart devices and extreme computing power. The framework, coupled together with our own AI chip series, can even greatly boost efficiency and also help software developers build advanced AI applications with ease,” Xu added during his report.

Huawei also reported that whether the AI market can boom depends on whether the traditional sectors are willing to adopt AI in scale. Though currently, the application of AI is still in its infancy, however, offering an opportunity for Huawei to build its ecosystem.


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