Huami to establish a wearables laboratory in collaboration with medical expert Zhong Nanshan

Huami is partnering up with medical expert Zhong Nanshan to build a laboratory that specializes in wrist wearables. The collaboration’s framework agreement was officially signed by a health care institute and research center that is led by Zhong Nanshan.

The three parties including Huami will use the wrist wearables technology and artificial intelligence powered algorithms alongside medical expertise to bring about advancement in the field. The collaboration will have the National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Disease carry out various tests to map a person’s exercise, sleep, heart rate, and rehabilitation prognosis. In other words, develop a system that can detect the coronavirus infection and support early warning systems.

According to medical experts at the research center, the process of having followed up treatment or rehabilitation programs for recently discharged patients is difficult. Thus, by using Huami’s wrist wearables sensing technology, its AI powered algorithms and more, the medical institute can essentially detect any health complications, not just limited to the coronavirus infection.

The project is being undertaken by the National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Disease and Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health along with Huami. For those unaware, Huami is a major brand in the wearables department, and its wealth of database regarding human activity through its wearable offerings will be a perfect match.

Notably, Zhong Nanshan is one of China’s top experts on respiratory diseases. He was one of the pioneers during the Sars virus epidemic back in 2002-2003 and is also currently advising Apple, who is ramping up its production again in China. So, on one side we have medical experts and on the other, we have the existing technology which has the potential to detect medical complications. The applications have great potential, as future smartwatches could soon detect infections and other respiratory diseases as well.