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Huami is developing N95 face-masks that works with face unlock on smartphones

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to many governments and health advisory boards to mandate the use of face masks. Many nations already had the culture of wearing regular masks, but the N95 compliant standards are the ones that best protect against the recent outbreak. Now, Huami, a known smart wearables maker, is making its own N95 masks, but ones that are compatible with the face unlock on your smartphones.

In recent times, biometric security in various forms has taken center stage for smartphone security. One of the most popular ones, especially in flagship devices, is the face unlock feature. Unfortunately, many smartphones are not compatible with the surgical mask or even the N95 masks. These handsets require certain facial cues or markers that it has registered for its user, which are interfered by the said masks.

However, Huami, the brand known for the Amazfit lineup, is working on a new face mask that can work around this problem. Earlier this month, the company had revealed that it had started working on a new endeavor named “Project uSmile.” The primary objective of this project was to ease the effects of social distancing. In other words, bring out the emotions/facial expressions one would normally witness in their lives.

Project uSmile did not have a particular date of arrival but Huami has now shared concept images of the protective mask that feature a replaceable N95 filter. The name of the project is now dubbed as “Aeri” and its goal is to have a transparent body to allow for facial expressions to be observable. Thus, the added bonus of face unlock also working with this new mask is another great positive aspect.

Looking at the images shared, the wearable has a translucent frame with an anti-fog cover. It has a replaceable filter pad alongside a ventilation fan and a built in UV light for added disinfection. Other finer details can also be seen and the new Huami face mask offers some pretty interesting features in a very “social” and unimpeded design. These masks will are flexible, and will fit tightly around your face. One can charge them will be through a USB Type C port.


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