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Huami dismisses rumors about Xiaomi reducing its investment in the company, confirms Mi Band 5 launch this year

Earlier today (17th April 2020), Huami Technology, known wearables and smart IoT maker, issued a statement regarding Xiaomi‘s investments. The company dismissed any rumors regarding Xiaomi reducing its investment, while also confirming the launch of the Mi Band 5 later this year.

For those unaware, Xiaomi and Huami have historically had a close relationship. The latter has always helped the former in the making of its smart wearables products like the popular Mi Band series. However, the company previously stated and emphasized the fact that Huami does not work under Xiaomi and there is no signed exclusive agreement regarding the partnership, but just mutual cooperation.

Now, rumors were floating around that said Xiaomi investment was being pulled back. However, a senior executive from Huami clarified that Xiaomi “never sold one share.” The statement was shared on the company’s official Weibo account, a popular Chinese microblogging website, and even carried a detailed article addressing the situation. Interestingly, Huami even mentioned the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, which it had previously confirmed to be working on, to be launched later this year.

Huami had previously also worked with Xiaomi for the development of other wearables, including the Mi Band 4 that had sold 1 million units in just 8 days. So, it is clear that the series is popular and that Huami was a part of the reason for the success. The Mi Band 5 is however expected to bring improvements over its predecessors and new features as well and is expected to be teased soon.


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