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How to use line app

During the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of companies have started working from home, and this has led to a sudden increase in the downloads of video conferencing applications all over the world. These applications are being used by employers to remain in touch with workers and even have team meetings.

Even if Skype is still the biggest in that market, Zoom has been making a name for itself for that purpose as well. Therefore, if you are planning a team meeting or your company has adopted the video conferencing application, we break it down nicely here.

Just like video calling applications such as Google Duo, FaceTime, and Skype, Zoom is not complicated as well. The application is accessible on several platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. On PCs, the users are even allowed to access the app through the web browser to avoid the stress of downloading and installing it. Zoom concentrates on enterprise use and has features that focus on that.

Zoom is super useful for free and paid users. The basic plan costs nothing, but it restricts group sessions to 40 minutes. The basic plan also allows up to `00 participants, which could only serve small organizations or big organizations with small numbers of teams. But if you are willing to accommodate more people or you need something that will be longer than 40 minutes, there are paid plans on the site to make that happen.

How Can I Download And Install Zoom On My Android, iOS Or Computer?

On your mobile phone, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for Zoom. Mac owners can access the App Store and search for the Zoom Meetings application. For Windows PC owners, go to the Zoom Download page and tap download under “Zoom Client for Meetings.” PC users can also login to Zoom through the web browsers by going to zoom.us.


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