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How to silence Android Car notifications

Android has gone from being a mobile operating system to being present in practically any electronic device, such as the clock, television and even the car.

Android Auto is one of the great solutions for having an intelligent navigation system, although it still has vital aspects to improve.

Surely on more than- one occasion, you will have received a notification or a call while watching a video or while playing your favorite game … one is fine, two at most, but when our smartphone starts to ring and ring and ring because the WhatsApp group has woken up, it can become a nightmare.

But it can be much worse. If while driving you are listening to our favorite music, a podcast or following the directions of Google Maps and our smartphone starts to ring, the desire to throw the phone out of the window is very high.

Fortunately, Google is aware of this and has just updated Android Auto allowing us to silence notifications.
How to turn off the sound of notifications and calls while using Android Auto

If you update Android Auto to the latest version available, you will find a new setting that for many years has been in high demand by users and that allows us to drive with less distractions.

In its new version, Android Auto now allows us to mute the sound of notifications and not the notifications themselves. That is, you will continue to see on the screen that you have a new notification, but you will not hear its characteristic sound through the speakers of your car, which after all is what disturbs you.

To turn off the notification sound
in our car with Android Auto the first thing you need to do is update our mobile phone application to version 5.0.500224 or later. The second step is to open the application and in Settings activate the new Notifications without sound option.

Our car will stop making sounds every time a notification arrives. It will be limited only to show the notification on the screen, so you will drive with less distraction, especially if a contact starts sending us a lot of messages while surprising us driving.

This feature took a long time to add despite many users’ requests. But be careful, because you will not be completely free from distractions: even if you don’t listen to them, the messages will continue to appear on the screen of your car until you discard them.


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