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How to remove pimples from photos for Android and iOS

There are no boys or women who have not suffered or suffer from pimples and skin defects. Some might say that this problem belongs only to young people with acne, but unfortunately, adults of different ages complain of having impure skin. A genetic pathology, incorrect nutrition and bad cleaning contribute a lot to these annoying marks on the nose, red spots on the forehead, chin or huge imperfections.

Facial cleansing and several treatments are definitely a good way to solve the problem. But often light can cause unexpected photographic surprises. Even the most beautiful face can show visual defects with wrong selfie angles.

The photo editor to remove pimples in photos can cope with a complex skin purification task in just 5 minutes. A necessary option is available for each smartphone model in one touch. An integrated camera is sufficient to take several shots of a portrait which must then be processed.

How to see where a photo was taken

Below are some of the angles touched: show
How to remove pimples in photos

With LINE Camera – Photo Editor for Android and iOS repairing the skin is incredibly simple to remove pimples in photos after uploading the image and starting to “design”. By clicking on the little bunny icon at the bottom left of the screen, you can start improving your photo, starting with the great automatic lightening and smoothing function performed by the app.

You can then go to the “skincare” tab in the bottom panel and choose between “imperfections” or “dark circle”. Both allow you to zoom in on the image and easily tap to clear any pimples or discolourations. The photo appears apparently impeccable but surprisingly natural.

Many free features

AirBrush – Best Photo Editor for Android and iOS has a shocking amount of functionality for a free app and they are all relatively simple. First of all, the smoothing function allows you to drag your finger on the skin to blur any lines or tips, which is particularly useful for getting rid of acne scars. There is also an acne-specific tab, which has an automatic correction function or allows you to touch anywhere you want to cover.

The app also has a “skin tone” feature which is perfect for colouring a pale face or adding some redness to matte cheeks. Other features are available such as “stop” that addresses wrinkles and “sculpt” that thins your face, but only if you upgrade to the paid version of the app.

Remove pimples and imperfections in the photos

Pixlr for Android and iOS does not primarily work as a physical characteristics modification app but has the essential tools to correct any facial imperfections. The notable ones are “smooth” and “curative”. The Smooth feature doesn’t allow you to perform levelling yourself, but you can control the intensity of the blur effect on your photo and the app does a good job of monitoring smoothness for you.

The “cure” function allows you to touch the image, correct imperfections and remove pimples from photos. You can choose the strength of the effect but keep in mind that this function really only works if you keep the scale on the smallest size. Using this feature at maximum strength leaves the skin discoloured.

An app suitable for the skin of our face

Perfect365 for Android and iOS has a series of specific functions for the skin: there are “imperfections”, “lightening the skin”, “softening the skin”, “foundation” and “blushing”. The range of this application is exceptional and for a photo that needs some changes to the light, this is the perfect app to use.

However, you can only change the intensity of the effect that the app determines, you can’t actually touch or drag to control areas that require additional help. If your photo needs to be improved with small particular details, this app is not for you. But if you’re just looking for some light changes without much effort on your part, this is a good choice.

Many features, few available in the free version

Facetune2: Editor and camera for Android and iOS have a lot of features, the only problem is that only about 1/4 are available with the free version of the app: the paid version costs $ 3.99. The free edition has some features such as “glow”, “hidden”, “opaque” and “smooth”, but the effects are subtle and there is not much radius to control areas that need improvement.

The app also has features that allow you to slim your face or plump your lips. If you decide you want to pay for a full experience, the editing tools are much more extensive. The free version of Facetune 2 is a great app for a really quick solution on a photo that doesn’t need a lot of editing.
BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera for Android only

BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera
for Android offers simple, yet powerful photo editing tools, artistic effects, augmented reality (AR) filters and much more for taking selfies as a true professional. So, let’s get ready to post the best selfies on your social media account!

How to remove pimples in photos with Selfie Editor: Best Beauty Cam for iOS

Selfie Editor: Best Beauty Cam for iOS is the best app to remove pimples in photos, as well as offering you the opportunity to brighten tired eyes, adjust skin tone, remove imperfections, smooth wrinkles and slim your face with just a few taps, comfortably from your iPhone.


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