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How to mute words on Twitter App

Sometimes Twitter is a useful means to find out more about the world, and sometimes it is not. It’s helpful, then, that there’s an easy way to mute or block accounts or words, hashtags and phrases you do not want to see on your page.

This is a tool that can be very broad or narrow as you want, where you want to block an account or strip away every phrase in the English language that annoys you in your account.

To show you how we have come up with this guide on how to mute people and phrases on the Twitter page. Read on for a quick how to, and scroll down for a more in-depth walkthrough.
How to mute people on Twitter

1. Head to the account’s profile.
2. Click the ‘Options’ menu.
3.Select the ‘Mute’ option

How to mute words on the Twitter account

1. Head to the main Options menu.
2. Click ‘Privacy and Safety.’
3. Scroll down to ‘Safety’ and click ‘Muted.’
4. Select ‘Muted words.’
5. Click on the plus- sign at the top corner of the twitter page.
6. Enter the words or phrases, then tweak the settings to suit the mute.
Click ‘Save.’

How to mute people on Twitter account: an in-depth guide h

To mute individual accounts on Twitter, first, you are going to need to head to their profile. Do not worry; you will not have to look at it for longcase may be as.

Next, click the ‘Options’ menu, that is three dots in a circle. On browsers, this is at the left of the ‘Follow’ button on their profile, and on smartphones, it is above it housed in the cover images.

Now just click ‘Mute.’ You can as well block or report the account from this menu in your account.

It’s worth pointing out you can equally mute accounts from their posts. Simply click the down pointing arrow to the right of their name on the post, and then choose ‘Mute.’ This is also the same on phones and browsers.

How to mute words & phrases on Twitter: an in-depth guides

Muting words, phrases or hashtags on Twitter can be a little more complicated, and it is not necessarily intuitive to work out on how to do it on.

Head to the Twitter ‘Settings’ menu. On browsers, here are the three dots in a circle at the bottom of the left aligned toolbar, and on smartphones, you click your account’s picture at the top left of the screen from your homepage.

Once in this menu, just click ‘Settings and privacy’ beside the bottom of the list. You will need to select it again in the next menu that pops up too in your page.

Now, you have got a more extended menu of options. Just Scroll down to the heading marked ‘Safety,’ and make select ‘Muted words.’ This is just under ‘Muted accounts’ on smartphones, on browsers you will have to click ‘Muted’ and then ‘Muted words you wish.’

If you have got words already muted, this is where you will see them, but the list will be blank space if this is your first time on the list.and To add new words or phrases, click the plus icon at the top right of the browsers or bottom right on smartphones as it may be.

Now, add the word or phrase you wish to mute, and you can add hashtags rather if you prefer. You can also edit the settings too, choosing where the word will be muted at (your home timeline, or just your notifications, and who is tweeting it) as well as how long that the mute can last i.

When you are done,then click save, at the top right for smartphones and bottom right for browsers, and the word as well will be added to your mute list in .

Now the mute is done. Great! You can now keep negativity or toxicity out of your life. If on the other hand that you prefer screaming into a pillow to keep sane on the internet, check out all the pillows on Amazon here.


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