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How to fix the flaw in iOS 12.1

A few days back, Apple launched a couple of updates for its devices, which includes the iPhone, the iPad, and the Apple Watch. The rollout, however, was supposed to bring users more updated features and overall improvement hasn’t gone well and has been met with huge negative reports.

One of the issues reported by the owners of the Apple Watch who received updates that were the case of bricking to their Apple watch after they have installed the Watch OS 5.1. This has led to Apple pulling out the plug on the Watch OS 5.1 entirely as updated.

On October 31st, a Youtuber by the name Jose Rodriguez posted a video on how one can bypass the lock screen security on someone’s phone to gain full access to their contact lists.

In the video, he demonstrated that through asking Siri to make a phone call and switching to Facetime, those intruders could exploit the new feature that allows people to add many people to a phone call and gain much access to your contact list. This could be furthered exploited to gain full info on contacts via 3D touch as the case may be.

The flaw, however, can’t be exploited remotely as the hacker must have to have contact with your phone and to be able to exploit the flaw and gain full access to your contact list at once.

It is advisable not to leave your phone out open to avoid such intrusion of privacy. Apple, who hasn’t bring out a fix for the issue, is said to be working on a better solution, one that would be coming very soon as possible.

For now, you can temporarily keep your phones safe by deactivating Siri from your lock screen. and To deactivate Siri from working while your phone is locked. go Settings -> Siri & Search -> Access When it’s Locked. Once you are able to get this, Sisi would no longer be accessible from the lock screen, and the flaw can no longer be exploited.


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