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How to Empty Trash on Android – The Latest Guide

How to Empty Trash on Android

Today we will guide you on how to empty trash on Android based on popular demand from our visitors and I believe that you will find it useful too.

Sometimes you might be wondering what is filling your Android phone memory even after deleting many files.

Yes, your curiosity may lead you to start asking questions like ‘where is the trash can on my android?’ ‘how do I empty the bin on my android?’, ‘where is my trash folder Android?’, ‘how to empty trash on Android galaxy?’ and so on…

Unfortunately, most Android devices do not come with an inbuilt trash-can! But don’t worry, there is always a way out; we will find that later in this article.

Ensure you read this article to the end as we guide you through the process of emptying trash on your android device.

How to Empty Trash on Android – Best Methods

Like we mentioned earlier, most Androids do not have a trash can by default. So below is the highlight of the way out that we promised.

You can empty trash on android by doing the following;

  • Emptying the trash from each of the applications such as Google Drive, Gmail, or Google Photos.
  • Downloading a Recycle bin Application on your device and emptying it thereafter.
  • Cleaning the junk on your device to free up space.

So look into each of them;

Emptying the Trash from Each of the Applications Such As Google Drive, Gmail, or Google Photos

With time, the storage space of your phone will be losing capacity due to downloads, photos and videos, use of data, and cache.

Therefore, deleting these items can help you to recover space.

However, Android does not bring by default a trash-bin like other operating systems for PC as Windows.

The recycle bin in Android only exists in some of the layers of customization such as One UI, MIUI, or LG UX or as an external application that you must download.

Therefore, if you do not want to saturate your mobile phone with more applications, you will have to follow the guide.

So let’s dive in;

Empty the Trash in Google Photos

All the photos and videos you delete in Google Photos will remain in the trash for 60 days. After, will be deleted permanently.

If you don’t want to wait so long and need to free up the space of the trash (a maximum capacity of 1.5 GB), this is what you have to do to empty it manually;

  • Open the app from Google Photos.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to the bottom and click on “Library”. Then, select “Trash”, “More” and “Empty trash”.
  • We will have to confirm the action, giving a final click on “Delete”.

Empty the Trash in Gmail

As with Google Photos, e-mails deleted in Gmail remain in the trash for 30 days before they are deleted permanently and automatically.

To empty the trash in Gmail manually, you should do the following;

  • Open the Gmail application on your mobile.
  • Click on the menu on the top-left corner.
  • Select “Trash” and then “Empty trash now” if you want to delete all the messages in the trash.

Empty the Trash in Google Drive

In Google Drive, the deleted files are kept in the trash for 30 days. These are the steps to permanently delete them manually;

  • Open the Google Drive app.
  • Go to the menu on the top-left corner.
  • Click on the “Trash” folder, select the files you want to delete, tap “More” and “permanently delete”.

Download Recycle Bin for Android

This application allows you to have a recycle bin, active at all times, where the files that you deleted will be saved.

Just go to the Google PlayStore to search for ‘Recycle Bin for Android’, then download.

Once installed, you will run the app, it will ask you to give it the relevant permissions so that it can work.

If you have already done so, you will see that the recycle bin is already working.

In your notifications, you will notice an icon of a trash can that shows that Recycle Bin is active and working.

From that moment, all the files that you delete from your Android will be in this recycle bin, which can be emptied whenever you want.

So below are what you need to know regarding the operation of this app;

  • Information: With an icon with a blue “i” inside a circle, it is used to open that file and see what it contains.
  • Restore: It is an icon with a green cross in a circle that allows you to re-record said file in the same place from where we deleted it.
  • Delete: With the icon in the shape of “x” in a circle, we permanently delete the file from our recycle bin.

The only downside of this application is that you cannot mark several files to delete them all at the same time

How to Free Up More Storage Space

In addition to emptying the trash different applications, there are other things that you can do to free up space on your Android phone;

  • Clears cookies, cache, and data use.
  • Delete downloaded files from the file manager that you have the default.
  • Uninstall the apps you don’t use.
  • Add an SD card to earn storage capacity if your device allows it.

How to Clear Cache on Android

Open your device’s settings. Open the Apps & notifications menu. Select the desired app, then tap Storage.

Select the Clear data option or in Clear cache (if the “Clear data” option is not displayed, press set space.


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Conclusion – How to Empty Trash on Android

I believe that this article has answered all your questions related to how to empty trash on Android. So all that is left for you is to follow the instructions.

Meanwhile, we noticed that the number of people searching for this information is increasing by the day.

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Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

In case you know other tips on how to empty trash on Android, kindly share them with us. Thanks.


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