How To Delete A Magazine In-Flipboard On A PC Or Smartphone

Even if Flipboard magazines are an amazing way to store articles, sooner or later, you might no longer feel keeping some folders on your profile is necessary. Did you collect articles for a research project that is now wrapped up or are you just willing to get rid of a folder that is presently out of date? Not to worry, deleting a folder is not complicated.

If the magazine is already open and you are swiping through articles on your mobile device or tab, click the gear icon to delete. Are you on your main profile page? just click the 3 dots close to the magazine you want to remove.

You can also get rid of Flipboard magazines online if you have access to check your profile with your desktop. This option will be visible as a pencil icon to edit the folder, where a “Delete” button would be seen. Flipboard will prompt you to confirm your request irrespective of the device you are using. See the answer to your How Do I Delete A Magazine In Flipboard On A PC Or Smartphone? question:
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How To Delete A Magazine In Flipboard On A PC Or Smartphone?:

Launch the Flipboard application on your iOS or Android device.
Click the rightmost tab way down on the screen to access your profile.
Click the 3 dots of the magazine you want to delete.
This will reveal a pop-up with options.

Click “Delete.”
Flipboard will prompt you to confirm your request. Click “Delete” one more time.

If you are viewing the magazine already, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.
This will grant you access to the same pop-up menu. Click “Delete.”

How Can I Delete A Flipboard Magazine On A Computer?:

Launch Flipboard on your favorite browser on a personal computer or Mac and go to your profile.
Tap your profile photo in the upper right-hand corner, then tap “Profile.”
Tap “Edit” on the magazine that you’d want to delete. Tap “Settings” on the left-hand side.

Tap “Delete magazine.”

Delete Magazine Flipboard PC

This will reveal a pop-up that asks, “Are you sure you want to delete this magazine?” Tap “Delete” for confirmation.


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