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How To Create And Make Cool Money On WhatsApp TV

It makes me sad when I still see several phone users searching for a way to make decent money with their smartphones. It however feels like a waste of time since there are several options out there staring us right in the face, including WhatsApp TV.

WhatsApp TV, popularly known as WhatsApp Television is a branded account that is meant to entertain, inform, educate people on WhatsApp through the status feature. You already know how WhatsApp status feature helps us to see what our contacts posts on the platform in the form of pictures or clips. If you know all that already, then you will be familiar with WhatsApp TV since it works the same way too.

Running a WhatsApp TV is not so simple though, especially when you are just starting out and you do not have any audience. However, if you are creative enough and you are amazing with entertainment clips, funny videos, memes e.t.c, things will be less complicated. See How To Create And Make Money On WhatsApp TV:
Make Money On WhatsApp TV

How Can I Open A WhatsApp TV?

To open a WhatsApp TV, you will need all you see below:

An Android or iOS device.
A name for the WhatsApp TV.
A logo.
WhatsApp Business. Download for Android and iOS.
InShot application or any other picture and video editing application that you fancy.

If you have all these things, then you are set.


Open the WhatsApp Business application you downloaded.

Enter the phone number which you wish to use for the WhatsApp TV and verify it.
After that this is done, you will need to type a name and upload a pic for the account. Just put your WhatsApp TV’s name there alongside the logo as a picture, then tap Next.
Once that is over with, you just created your WhatsApp TV.

It is simple, the bigger your audience, the more money you will make, especially from adverts. It is more like blogging since people will pay you cash to advertise their products to your audience. And as you already, ad money is cool money.

One way to have the right amount of audience for your WhatsApp TV account is to tell people about it. It will be wise of you to write about your WhatsApp TV in well-known forums and do not forget to place a watermark on your contents.

Always add your TV’s name and phone number or brand it however you please so that when someone likes one of your contents, he or she will be tempted to download the clip or picture, post it to his/her feed and publicize your TV’s phone number in the process.

To get content is very simple. Lots of people go to Instagram to get their content but this will only waste your data, unlike Twitter. On Twitter, you will have access to tweet savages, funny clips, and so on. You can even download a Twitter downloader app that will help you download videos from Twitter easily.

That is that.


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