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How To Buy Data Direct From Ecobank With USSD Code

Several Nigerians should be aquinted to the mobile banking trend by now and Ecobank customers are also now free to conduct various online transactions straight from their various smartphones. For Ecobank users, this is a very welcome development since the era of the heading to a physical bank for a financial-transaction is over-.

Ecobank mobile banking can also be accessed via the Ecobank-mobile banking application or the Ecobank- USSD Code. However, we will focus on the USSD – code in this tutorial, However anything you do with the code can alsobe done with the application as well-.

What attracts customers to the code is also the fact that an internet connection is not quite required and it can be done on any kind of mobile device. To register your phone number for Ecobank USSD Code, just dial *326# on your smartphone with the sim card or phone number that you receives your alerts on. See How To Buy Data From the Ecobank With the USSD Code?-:

Below are the several transactions that can be performed:

Airtime recharges
Money transfers
Bills payments
Checking Account Balances
Reading Mini-Statements
Email updates.

How To Buy Airtime With Ecobank USSD Code?

If you wish to purchase airtime using the code:

Simply dial *326#.
Choose “buy airtime.”
Press 1 if you are purchasing credit for yourself.
Press 2 if you are purchasing credit for somebody else.
Type in the phone number you wish to recharge.
Type in your pin and then Send.

Alternatively, you can just dial 3261Amount# or 3262Amount# while adhering to the onscreen command. For instance, if you wish to purchase 5000 naira airtime for yourself, just dial 3261*5000# with the phone number you get your alerts on and then adhere to the instructions to wrap up the transaction. You should receive an SMS to confirm if it was successful or not.

After buying your airtime, simply head to your network provider and buy the data you want.

You are done.


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