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Honor’s George Zhao has denied having a stockpile of 4G phones, reported supply has been limited

It was rumoured that Honor has a large stock of 4G smartphones, but now the brand’s president George Zhao denies that allegation in an interview with a Chinese media called C114. Also, he boasted his brand to have performed better than March 2019, even during these hard times.

Like any other smartphone brand, Honor, too, lacked supplies during the COVID-19 crisis in China, confirmed the brand’s president. But still, it managed to do well than competitors and was even the country’s second-largest smartphone brand in February 2020.

Denying the large pile of 4G stock rumour, he said if it was true, they could have set a new sales record in March 2020, albeit doing better than last year. Also, now as the effect of coronavirus is fading away, he expects Honor to further grow rapidly.

Taking about switching from 4G to 5G networks, Mr. Zhao said the process is gradual, and hence companies have been launching dual-mode (SA & NSA) 5G smartphones. He also said that 5G phones would get cheaper in the coming months, just like the brand’s newly launched Honor 30S.

Last but not least, he confirms Honor will offer more value for money products later on this year like the upcoming Honor 30 series and Honor X series.


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