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Hisense will launch the World’s first color e-ink screen phone on April 23

Earlier this year, Hisense had showcased new technologies in the CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Show). One of the notable devices that stood out was the world’s first colour e-ink screen mobile phone. This device attracted a lot of attention in the event and is now confirmed to launch on 23rd April 2020.

The primary highlighting feature of the device is undoubtedly its display. The Hisense device features the world’s first colour e-ink display. The company has achieved this by combining the e-ink technology with the latest color printing technology to display 4096 colors. The characteristics of this enable softer colours being shown, which does not hurt users’ eyes and is more comfortable for more prolonged use.

This type of display has certain advantages as well. Including, ultra-low power consumption and continuous display, even when the power is off. Through this, users can enjoy reading anytime and are quite similar to the Amazon Kindle reader. The e-ink technology makes the image or text being display seem more like on paper than conventional LCD or OLED panels.

Interestingly, the screen does not emit light on its own but relies on natural light imaging. This means that there is no blue light being given out, which is generally considered as harmful for the eyes. During the night, the device will use built-in warm front lights as a source of illumination that relies on the reflection being defused on display.

The Hisense Color Ink Reader will arrive with many different apps for content. It will partner with significant publications from China and more to deliver an optimized reading experience. It will be released on 23rd April and will be seen at the company’s launch conference on that day.

So, like the black and white ink screen, the coloured ink screen also has the features of the regular ink screen. Thus, and the screen itself does not emit light, but it relies on natural light imaging. So the screen itself does not produce any blue light and other harmful light. So you can read books without blue light damage during the day. Night reading uses the built-in front warm light source and relies on diffuse reflection display. This dramatically reduces the cost of blue light to the eyes.

In terms of content, Hisense Color Ink Reader will also cooperate with Jingdong Reading, Palm Reading, QQ Reading, Migu Reading, People Reading, and other major content platforms to optimize the reading experience and unlock multi-level and multi-dimensional reading scenarios.

Users may find the phone somewhat very similar to Hisense A5, which was launched earlier, but the difference lies in the colour scheme. The product is also embellished with a bright yellow colour scheme. In addition to that, this product has also worked on the refresh rate. You will be be amazed by the fact that it has a more vivid display to please the users, whereas the vibrant paper display makes sure that it doesn’t damage the user’s eyes.


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