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Here’s how Redmi makes its Humongous Smart TV MAX 98 Inch

Earlier today (9th April 2020), Redmi Smart TV MAX 98 inch officially went on sale. It is priced at 19,999 Yuan (2,833 US Dollars) and features a massive 98 inch 4K display with dynamic backlighting, MEMC compensation, XiaoAI voice assistant and also be linked between other smart IoT devices. Now, Xiaomi has also released the official factory video that shows the massive TV being manufactured through the official Redmi Smart TV’s Weibo account.

Looking at the video, the Redmi Smart MAX TV 98 inch screen is an LCD panel, which is made from the only fully automated LCD production line in the world. Notably, the space required for the manufacturing process is about 10 times larger than that of conventional TVs and is more complicated as well. In terms of sheer size, the Redmi Smart MAX TV 98 inch stands at a tall 1.2 meters height in length, making it akin to a ping pong table when laid flat.

Despite its size, the Chinese tech giant has paid extra focus on each display zone of the massive TV. To ensure the reduction of the bleeding effect and other issues that plague large LCD panels, Redmi has a dedicated processor chip, which is custom made, and handles all the 192 partition dynamic backlight and other image improvement technologies. Its NTSC wide color gamut sits in at 85 percent while its dynamic contrast ratio is 140,000:1.

Additionally, it features MEMC motion compensation technolgo as well, which effectively solves problems like jittering, tailing and ghosting of moving pictures. The Redmi Smart TV MAX 98 inch also supports PatchWall and features the XiaoAI voice assistant too. It is capable of smart interlinking, connecting to other IoT device in a home.

In addition, the Redmi smart TV MAX 98 inch also supports 60Hz’s Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC). It is a kind of motion picture quality enhancement technology in display equipment, and its principle is to use a hardware algorithm to estimate the motion trajectory of objects and insert new motion compensation frames into the original picture sequence to make the motion picture look more clear and fluent. It is better than the effect of playing at the normal frame rate to improve the clarity of the dynamic picture so that the user can not feel the residual shadow of the picture.

From some of the live pictures above, we can see that the 98-inch display effect of Redmi smart TV MAX is indeed very outstanding, with bright colors, high contrast, and no residual shadow. It is a pleasure to watch movies on this huge screen.

Redmi Smart TV MAX 98-inch: Support to Control Kinds of Smart devices
Redmi smart TV MAX 98 inch can also be used as a large screen intelligent scene center in a user’s home. It is equipped with Bluetooth voice remote control, has independent voice keys, and supports the one-click awakening of Xiao Ai, voice search or control of intelligent devices. Just press the Home key for a long time to view all smart devices in your home that are connected to the Smart + connected ecosystem, and you can take it further. It can also receive status prompts from smart devices. Without manipulation, the device will tell the user the current progress. Mijia screensaver can also circulate the status of smart devices in the home, giving full play to the function of a large-screen intelligent home control center, which can be easily viewed by lighting the screen.


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