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guide on Self-isolation; entertainment the best movies, games, podcasts and more

We are quickly running out of fun things to do, while coronavirus has the world staying indoors for an unknown amount of time. You are bored and confined, and so are we.

The excellent news is that there is plenty of entertaining or productive stuff to do this week to remove you from the surreal fact that COVID-19 has everyone trapped up inside.

We created an indoor-focused on the things-to-do list, featuring new content to utilize, multimedia favourites you might have missed, and things you never got around doing. Now is the time to meet up on stuff during the self-quarantine.

Video games, films, podcasts, ebooks and more – we run through our list of things to do to make sure you are not tempted to go outside this week.

1. Play either Doom Eternal or Animal Crossing

Two new video games came out recently last Friday that could not be more different, and we are thankful for the variety provided by Nintendo and Bethesda Softwork. 

Doom Eternal is a fantastic, but brutal reinvention of the first-person shooter episode that makes life at this time look not too unpleasant. The ride through Hell is one of the great experiences you will have in 2020. Our full Doom Eternal series agrees, with a five-star rating and an Editor’s Choice award. It’s fast-paced at 60fps and has undergone our expectations even at the time when it played in 8K with a $2,500 graphics Auto card.

Animal Crossing: current Horizons is on the other end of the rumours; it is ready to lure you into a sense that there is nothing wrong whatsoever like a good ASMR. This is fine; Everything is perfectly fine, says the main character Tim Nook. Nintendo’s good social life sim is ideal for today’s self-isolation situation. Read our Animal Crossing: latest Horizons review and think happy thoughts.

One thing to note: while the latest Animal Crossing is a must-have Nintendo Switch exclusive, Doom Eternal is now available in a broader set of platforms: PCs, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch including Google platform.

2. Watch movie series in order

Nothing consumes up more time than a good, long TV series. Still, because films typically have bigger budgets and higher production values (outside a select few TV series), we are switching it up ( also we ran out of TV series to view this weekend). Now is the perfect opportunity to go through an entire film franchise – in order.

There are a couple of different ways to view the Marvel movies in order, and we have the links where you can watch most of the 23 Marvel movies (Disney Plus being the easiest way to watch a majority of them). If you are currently searching for what to do during the coronavirus self-isolation, this is going to cost you a total of 60 hours.

We also have the lists for how to view Star Wars films in order, Batman movies, James Bond movies in order (sadly ‘No Time to Die’ is on break), Star Trek in order (including the new-ish Picard series), Harry Potter movies in order, and, if you’re in the mood for some mindless Vin Diesel-helmed entertainment, Fast and Furious movies in order.


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