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GoT Beyond the Wall will launch on Huawei’s AppGallery on April 3: Same day as the Play Store!

In what can be called as a small achievement for Huawei, the much-anticipated Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall will be available on the company’s App Gallery on the same day and time as the Google Play Store. The collectible strategy game will launch on the App Gallery on April 3.

Ever since the US-ban, Huawei has been marketing the App Gallery as an alternative to the Play Store. And in the past years, the company has been slowly but steadily adding popular apps and their options to its store. The fact that Huawei has managed to convince a famous game developer to publish its app on the App Gallery is a significant development.

Behaviour Interactive Inc., the developer behind the GoT Beyond the Wall game, also benefits from this partnership. A few months back, we reported that Huawei was offering 85 percent of the revenue generated from an app on the App Gallery to the developer, which was significantly higher than the traditional 70:30 revenue split ratio provided by the Play Store and Apple App Store. Huawei’s software team has also worked closely with Behaviour Interactive Inc. to integrate Huawei’s services like Account Kit and in-app purchases inside the new game.

The Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall game is set 48 years before the events that happened in the HBO series. The game is built already around an original story and players will get to take command of the Night’s watch and recruit unique characters from around the Seven Kingdoms to defend Westeros. The game also offers collectibles like various costumed versions of popular characters from the original HBO series like Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Jamie Lannister, and even Melisandre.

Users can master each of these character’s unique abilities in tactical PvP combat.
Just like the Play Store, the game will offer special rewards at the time of registration on the App Gallery as well. The Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall goes live on April 3.


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