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Get Google Phone App for non-Pixel smartphones!

Google has crafted some of the apps purely for its Pixel devices. These apps not only improves the functionality but even adds to its value. Google’s refined software and impressive applications always remain favorite among the third-party development community. Several Pixel-based Mods are made available for non-Pixel devices. For example, Google Camera, aka Gcam Mod, is quite popular among photography enthusiasts. Similarly, Pixel phone-based themes and boot animations are also quite popular among non-Pixel users.

In a way forward, the search giant has surprisingly made the Google Phone app available on the Play Store for non-Pixel devices. Until now, the Google Phone app was limited to Pixel and Android One smartphones. The users needed to root the device to use the modified apk or Magisk Module on their respective devices. But the users can now directly use the Google Phone app on a non-Pixel phone by directly installing it from the Play Store.
Google Phone App Compatibility

According to research done by our folks at XDA Developers, the Google Phone App is currently compatible with specific devices that have com.google.android.dialer.support shared library support. However, the above saying is not confirmed by any official source, but it seems a legit reason behind the app compatibility. You can check the smartphone compatibility by running the ADB command on CMD after connecting via USB cable:

pm list libraries | grep “com.google.android.dialer.support”

The support appears to be absent on some Samsung and OnePlus devices; meanwhile, it is working flawlessly on the Asus and LG smartphones. The availability of the app for non-Pixel devices is not officially confirmed from Google, but anyhow it is now working on some Android smartphones.

Note: The ‘Go’ version, aka Google Phone Go app is working on devices that get an error while installing the standard phone app.

Verified Google App working device list:

Oppo Find X2 Pro
Asus Zenfone 6
LGV60 ThinQ
Samsung Galaxy S8
Galaxy Note 10
Poco F1
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro
LG V35

Download Google Phone App for Non-Pixel smartphones

Google Phone app is finally available for non-Pixel smartphones. Most of the devices can directly install the app from the Play Store. However, if you get any error while installing the Google Phone app, we suggest you install the ‘Go’ version app from the link below.

Download from Play Store / APKMirror

Download Go Version

We hope you’ve got the latest and workable Google Phone app on your device. If you have any issues, then let us know via the comments below.

The Google Phone app has been a constantly evolving piece of software that many users prefer over third party dialers. Unfortunately, Google has always restricted the application’s use to Pixel, Android One, and other stockish Android phones, something that has got to multiple modded APKs & workarounds for other types of phones. Thankfully,However the Phone app is now available on the Play Store for a bevy of non Google branded devices-.

While not all devices were able to find the Phone on the Play Store Samsung and OnePlus devices, in particular,and are unable to search for or install it a number of reports have found that multiple third-party phones are now able to search for and install the app. So far, the Zenfone 6, the Oppo Find X2 Pro, and the LG V60 are confirmed as being able to download it.

The Google Phone app is as well reported to work on the Oppo Find X2 Pro and the LG V60-devices. XDA Developers checked the code for the Google’s Phone app find out that the new app requires the dialler’s shared library to be however present on the phone. This is not present on Samsung & OnePlus devices which could be the reason that the Google Phone App does not show up in the Google Play store.

If you wish to use the Google Phone app and want to see if your phone is compatible, you can search for the app on the Play Store. You can also choose to sideload the beta app via APK Mirror, to try your luck. At this point, we are not sure weither Google has released the Phone app on the Play Store or it has popped up accidentally.


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