Due to the rapid outbreak of the deadly disease of COVID19,it may be a sad news to the fans who ordered for final fantasy 7 online ,Square Enix has confirmed that disruption to retail stores and global distribution channels may affect the amount of time it takes for the game to ship to you.Fans who ordered the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake online may have to exercise little more patience for the game to reach them, thanks to a new policy put in place by Amazon.

This announcement was prompted after Amazon revealed it won’t be shipping Final Fantasy 7 Remake on time, due to new policies regarding item importance and the coronavirus.When Amazon initially sent out the emails, fans were worried that Final Fantasy 7 Remake had been delayed again, as it was previously delayed back from a March release date to April 10. This was as a result of quality concerns on behalf of Square Enix, as they wanted to give the game a little more polish before release. Square Enix released a demo of Final Fantasy 7 Remake around the time that it was originally meant to launch and it seems as if the game is close to being ready.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of many games that were delayed in 2020, but this delay will only apply to certain physical copies of the game. As such, the only sure way to receive the game on launch day is to order it on the PlayStation Network. At least the game will still be launching on the planned release date and that the delay is only being caused due to health concerns. Fans who played Final Fantasy 7 back in ’97 have waited over twenty years to return to Midgar and they might have to wait a little longer than planned, but health and safety should always come first.

In addition, schools and businesses all around the world are closing their doors to prevent further spread of the illness, this pandemic has wreaked dangerous havoc on the entertainment industry,football stars and not even video games are immune. Both the Game Developers Conference and E3 have been suspended this year, and it is believed that the outbreak will delay the planned releases of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X this Holiday season.


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