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Discord Text Formatting

Discord text formatting allows you to enhance the outlook of your text from the basic font type, size, and color. You’re able to add a strikethrough, superscript, make texts bold, large or small, add italics, and what have you. There is also a Discord text formatting generator that makes it even easier to create texts that meet your design even without manually inputting codes. Accordingly, we’ll show you how to add syntax in your text and also pair it with the Discord text formatting tool.

First off, it is worth noting that Markdown is employed by this application. The latter is a text formatting system that enables users of the platform to turn regular texts into more appealing ones. This system allows you to add characters before and after a text to give it the format you want.

What is Discord?

Discord text formatting

For the uninitiated, Discord is an application that has been specifically designed for lovers of video games. Users of this application can chat with each other either by exchanging text, audio messages, and even videos. Discord recorded over 250 million unique users as of 2019. Hence, this is a large social community for those looking to relate with gamers and people with different interests.

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On the other hand, Discord supports computers running on the Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. The same applies to Android and iOS smartphones. Even better, you can access this platform from your computer or phone using a web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

Discord Text Formatting Toolbar

Unlike years ago, Discord has launched a text formatting toolbar that helps users to automatically add customizations to their text. This means there’s no need to memorize commands, syntax, and formats given that you can choose a function to give the text the design you want.

But first, you’ll need to mark the text you want to customize before seeing this toolbar. Once the bar is presented, you have features such as italics, bold, strikethrough, code blocks, etc. You also find quotes and spoiler tags. On the other hand, if you still prefer the old approach of using the Markdown system to add your codes manually, we’ll show you how.

How Do I Style Text in Discord?

If you’re wondering how you can style text in Discord, let’s show you how. We’ve outlined how to make texts bold, italicized, and even add a strikethrough. The same goes if you’re out to get a Discord text formatting code block. To that effect, the kind of styles you can give your test include:

1. Bold

a. How to make text bold in Discord

You can make a text bold in Discord by placing asterisks (*) at the beginning and end of the text. Note, you have to place two asterisks at the beginning and another two at the end of the text. This will make your text bold when it’s sent.

Here’s how your text should look like: **text to be boldened**

b. How to make text bold and underlined in Discord

It is possible to make your text bold and also underlined at the same time. You’ll have to add a hyphen followed by two asterisks. Your text comes next and it is closed by two asterisks followed by a hyphen.

Here’s how your text will look like: __**text to be underlined and boldened**__

2. Italics

a. How to slant text in Discord

You can also slant text in Discord by adding a single asterisk before and after the text to be italicized.

Here’s how your code should be: *text to be italicized*

b. How to slant text and underline in Discord

You can make a slanted text and at the same time underline it. This places more emphasis on what you’re trying to say or when you’re trying to point out the most important part of your text.

Therefore, here’s how to do it: __*text to be italicized and underlined*__

3. Bold and Italics

a. How do you slant text and bolden in Discord?

While you may have successfully made your texts bold or italicized, you can also give them a combination of both.

Here’s how your text should look like: ***bold italics***

Remember, your text should be between these characters to give it the desired look.

b. How to slant text, bolden, and underline in Discord

It’s possible to take it one step further and use all three types of text formatting to revamp the look of your text. In this case, you’ll be using the bold, italics, and underline.

To begin, use this formatting style: __***underline bold italics***__

4. Underline

If you’ll like to underline your text alone, then the style of fomatting is:  __underline__

5. Strikethrough

If you’ll like a line to strikethrough your text, then the formatting style you should use is: ~~Strikethrough~~

It is important to note that unlike other styles, this one uses curly hyphens and not the regular one. It’ll help cross out texts and add a new meaning to it.

Discord Text Formatting Code Block

The Discord text formatting code block allows you to arrange your text in a more readable format. Think of it this way, instead of writing and full sentence and having it rely on the default text structure, you can define your own structure. Here, you’ll be able to determine where a paragraph begins and where it ends.

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Therefore, you no longer have to use spacing to give enough room for your text, you can ascertain where each line starts and end. And if you love to be creative, different lines can have different paragraphs they start and end.

Now if you like how this feature sounds and would like to give it a try, let’s show you how to.

1. Single Backtick

Beginning a sentence and ending it with a single backtick  (`) creates a paragraph for your text.

An example is: `Neatly present my text`

2. Triple Backticks

If you’ll like to create several lines at a time, then there is the multiline code block. You get to form these lines using triple backticks  (“`).

Here, you’ll have the following code:

“`create several lines at a time

multiline code blocks

Neatly present my text“`

3. CSS

There’s a good way to implement CSS while chatting on Discord. The same applies to the use of other programming languages. All you have to do is open the triple backticks, type the language name, and then code block that needs to be executed, before closing the backticks.

For instance:

“`css text to be executed “`

4 Block Quotes:

Discord’s Markdown system can also use Block Quotes. You need the character > or >>>  before entering your text. Note, you’ll have to give a space after typing either of these characters.  That being the case, using the > creates a single line.

Discord Text Formatting Spoiler Tags

The Discord text formatting spoiler tags offer a great way to hide certain information that may discourage you from reading your favorite book or watching that movie you’ve been looking forward to. It’s no use that you’ve been savoring one chapter or season of a movie per day only to have a friend splash every detail in the open.

Accordingly, the spoiler tag hides spoiler alerts and you can’t see part of these messages. But then, if curiosity finally gets the best part of you, you may just go ahead and unravel the message.

Mark Discord Text As Spoilers

So, how can you try the Discord text formatting spoiler? Here’s an easy way. The first thing you need to know is the spoiler tags allows you to mark certain parts or all of the message. Marking them sets them as a spoiler, thereby hiding them from your view. All you have to do is to highlight all or a part of the text and then right-click. You can then choose the option ‘Mark as Spoiler.’ It’s that easy.

On the other hand, if the text you want to hide is enclosed within code blocks, then the spoiler feature will not be added to the text. With that in mind, you can check the hidden text just by clicking on the spoiler box.

Mark Photos, Videos, and Links as Spoilers

There’s also room for you to mark images, videos, and links as spoilers if you access the platform from a desktop client. These attachments can be marked while trying to upload them on Discord.

During the upload process, choose “Mark as Spoiler” and then use the upload feature. When it comes to links that you’ll like to mark as spoilers, you can do so by adding two bars at the front and back of the URL.

How to Turn Off Spoiler Tags

If you don’t mind getting spoiler alerts every now and then, or you’re among the good number of people that like to be told a story’s end before it’s beginning, then there is a way to turn off spoiler tags. This is done by navigating to User settings, and then going to Text & Images. There are three options you can select from and these options are On click, On servers I moderate, and always.

On click allows the system to hide all spoilers. On servers I moderate also allows you to hide these tags. Always means spoiler alerts should never be hidden.

Spoiler Tags on Mobile

Users can also mark spoiler texts from their Android or iOS smartphone. Here, you’ll have to enclose your text with the bars || before and after the text. The same approach can be used for links to mark them as spoilers.

Now if you’re using an iOS smartphone, you can mark as spoilers after selecting the text and clicking on it to open in the context menu. A selection of the text will then enable you to mark the text as a spoiler.

Discord Color Text Syntax

What if you’ll like to add some color to your text and give it a more appealing look? We’ll tell you what though, it’ll be attractive enough to capture the attention of people. Therefore, you can use the discord chat commands to input colors in your messages.


You can add a red text on Discord by using the command DIFF. Here, you need to enter three backticks followed by DIFF, your text, the last three backticks, and then hit the enter key.

Your text would look like this:

“`diff Discord Text Color “`


Blue can be added to Discord texts using the command INI.

You start your text with the three backticks, and then the INI command, followed by your text, and the last three backticks.

For example:

“INI Your text here“


You need the command FIX to add a yellow color to your text. In the same way, other colors are added, preceded your text with the backticks, FIX, text, and the last three backticks.

For example:

“`FIX Your text “`


Orange color can be added to Discord texts using the command CSS. Like the red color, you need to type the three backticks, the CSS command, your text, and finally hit enter. You can also enclose the text.

For example:

“`CSS  text “`


Other colors are green and light green

You need the code CSS to add green to your text, whereas BASH will allow you to add dark green to the text. And like the steps used to add the code to the text in the other colors, the same method can be employed.

Consequently, you have a range of colors to work with, hence, you don’t have to rely only on a single color.


The Discord text formatting while online helps you to make your text better and more professional. You can put more thought into what you type when you use these texting formats, styles, spoilers, and other tools Discord has provided. Consequently, your texts can stand out even in a group. The best part is, adapting to the use of these tools makes them easier to work with. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the syntax instead of memorizing them. They’ll become a part of you before you know it.


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