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Demand for tablets increases, shipments to rise in 2020

With the world combating the Coronavirus-pandemic, more and more sectors and industries have seen a shift-towards the digital spheres. Education is one such big-example as an increasing-numbers of universities, schools, & other institutions are shifting their respective curriculum online. Through this, it’s projected that the tablet market will see growth this year thanks to a rise in demands.

The forced rapid development of the online education-market has directly driven the increase in demand for products that are directly related. This includes the electronic gadgets like projectors, printers, & even tablets. According to a new reports from IDC, the tablet PC shipments will however see a nearly 100 percent year on year growth during the month of February 2020.

Furthermore, this sudden growths was also well maintained at the 50 percent growth rates in the following month of March 2020. These numbers are inclusives of regular tablets that are available alongside the educational tablets PCs that have as well been more common release in recent weeks. Educational tablets are gadgets which are more focused towards younger audiences with builts in educational resources related to the curriculum, with controlled and pre installed applications as well-.

In the IDC report, China’s tablet-market is seeing continuous growths during this period.perhaps Back in 2019, over 4 million units of the educational tablets were shipped, while 4.4 million units are expected to ship in 2020 and 4.7 million in 2021. This is a stark contrast against the declining regular tablet market, with the former becoming more popular. At the moment, educational tablets are witnessing healthy demand, with figures revealing a similar trend.


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