content://com.android.browser.home/ is a term you may come across as a user of the Android operating system. You have not given it much thought when you encountered it, but it does mean something. The message may take different forms such as content //com.android.browser.home/bookmarks and content //com.android.browser.home/bing. In either case, you’ll notice that the difference is in the last string of the URL.

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Other strings that can be attached to the URL are eBay, index – google search, Facebook login, Facebook, Amazon, most_visit, Gmail, google play store, MIUI home. The list goes on and on. But what do all these messages mean and is it a coincidence that they occur when you’re accessing certain apps on your device? Let’s help you out there buddy.

First off, they mean that certain sites are the home page of your web browser. It could be Facebook, eBay, Gmail, etc. But the first interface you’ll see upon launching your web browser will be the website you’ve set as your default homepage.

What is Content://com.android.browser.home/

content com android.browser home

content://com.android.browser.home/ is a URL that enables you to set the default web browser homepage. The web browser can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and so much more. In this case, there is an integration of the phone with the web browser, which may want to set a default home page. The good thing is, this homepage can ve changed.

Specifically, this URL can be split into parts. There’s the content://, which helps in the share of content to different or the same parts of applications on your phone. On the other hand, the package name is com.Android.browser. It describes the app that has been set as your default web browser. Whereas home/ specifies the default homepage when you access such a web browser.

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Accordingly, you can set the homepage directly from the browser’s settings. Once that is done, the web browser will always open the page you’ve set as the homepage once it is accessed. Asides from the web browser, the URL is also used by other applications on your phone. In line with that, the package manager on Android takes advantage of this component to determine the behavior of the application and permissions it is given.

With that out of the way, let’s show you how to change your web browser’s default homepage. First off, it is worth noting that these web browsers provide different methods for the user to make changes to the default homepage. Accordingly, you can choose one that is tailored to your web browser.

Best Android Browsers

Before you proceed, it may be worth noting the best browsers for Android which you can settle for. Some of these browsers include:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Brave Browser
  • Safari
  • Opera or Opera Mini browser
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Samsung Internet Browser
  • Tor Browser

Brave Browser:

You may do well to consider a browser like the Brave browser. While this is one of the newest apps for smartphones and computers, it comes with a lot of benefits. Top on the list is its ability to help you earn while you visit websites on the internet. As such, you get paid for using the app, unlike other browsers.

Brave also takes it one step further to offer an enhanced level of security while you browse. Your footprints can be hidden and you can access websites securely. Therefore, if you’ve ever had concerns that your private data may be sold for advertising purposes or malicious activities, you can be less worried about Brave.

Google Chrome Browser:

You may be familiar with the Google Chrome browser given that it is one of the most popular mobile and desktop browsers. It supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. And most Android phones these days come preinstalled with the Google Chrome app which has also fostered its high adoption. The reason is not farfetched since Google owns a suite of services which in one way or the other increases your productivity while using an Android device.

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There’s the Google Operating System, Android, the email messaging application Gmail, and even the search engine. What’s more, the Google drive and docs amongst others are just a few services from this Company.

How to Set Default Web Browser on Android

Irrespective of the customized user interface you’re using on your Android, your phone’s manufacturer has not crafted on a stone that you must use the default browse. The same goes for the built-in browser of the phone, tablet, or computer since these ones may have less impressive features.

In contrast, you’ll find competitive browsers on the Google Playstore that are constantly updated to improve your surfing experience online. Some like the opera browser take it ones step forward to feature a Bitcoin wallet. As such, you can store your cryptocurrency and even access them easily.

Therefore, the ball’s in your court to make a selection of which apps you will like to use when it comes to surfing the net. To set the default web browser on Android phone or tablet, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to your device’s Settings
  • Goto Installed Apps and you should see all the apps on the device
  • Select the three dots at the right corner of the screen
  • Click on Default Apps
  • Select Browser options
  • Choose a web browser of your choice and add it as the default browser

That’s all you need to get the browser up. On the other hand, this process will ensure that the links you want to open are accessed using the browser you had selected. Asides from setting the phone’s own default browser, you can also set the default homepage on the browser itself.

How to Set Homepage in Google Chrome Mobile Web Browser

Follow these steps to set the homepage in the Google Chrome mobile web browser.

  • Launch your web browser
  • Click on the red arrow or three dotted lines
  • Select Settings
  • In the Basic section, scroll to Homepage and select it
  • Click on Open this page and enter the URL
  • Click on Save

And that’s all.

Alternatively, there are cases where you may not see the Homepage option after clicking on Settings. To enable it, do the following:

  • Go to the search bar and type chrome://flags/.  This will launch the experiment page
  • Look for the option Force Enable Home Page Button and then enable the option
  • Close the browser and launch it again
  • Now Navigate to Settings, you should now see the option in Basics

How to Set Homepage in Google Chrome Desktop Browser

Here’s how to set up the homepage in your Google Chrome desktop web browser.

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select Appearance on the left tab
  • Go down to the section Appearance
  • Turn on the gear button Show Home Button
  • Insert the Homepage’s URL

How to Set the Homepage on Mozilla Firefox

Here are the simple steps on how to set up the homepage on Mozilla firefox from your smartphone. Do the following:

  • Access your Firefox browser from your Android phone
  • Click on the three dots on the right-hand side
  • Select Options 
  • Select Device Settings
  • Select the General section
  • Click on Home to customize homepage
  • Choose Custom
  • Input the URL
  • Select Ok
  • Close the web browser and relaunch it again

Once you open it, you’ll notice that the changes have been made to the homepage

How to Set the Homepage in Safari

Here are the steps to set the homepage in your Safari web browser on your Mac computer

  • Navigate to Preferences
  • Access the General tab
  • Input the URL you want to set as homepage in the text box assigned for it
  • Select the Set to Current page‘ option

How to Set the Default Homepage on Opera

Here are the steps to set the default homepage from your opera web browser. Try this:

  • Launch the Opera browser on your Android phone or tablet
  • Select the Opera icon on the right lower corner of the screen
  • Select Settings 
  • Disable News from the Homepage section
  • You can proceed to disable recent searches, trending searches, and others you may not want in the Settings.
  • Return to the browser’s homepage and delete the sites that have been set as speed dial
  • Select the + icon and provide the URL and name of the website you want to be on the homepage
  • Save the site
  • All you need to do is select the homepage to access the speed dial you’ve created.

Content://com.android.browser.home/ Popularity

Content://com.android.browser.home/ has gained popularity of late given that it enables users of Android devices to customize their smartphone or tablet in a way they deem fit. In this case, they can determine the default web browser to use and even the homepage that pops open each time the browser is launched afresh. This, therefore, offers a level of flexibility and once again gives the user full control of how they access the internet.

Over and above that, the browsers themselves can be customized with themes and certain browsers offer a higher level of functionality and performance. For this reason, a user can settle for a web browser that improves their productivity while still being easy to use and navigate.

On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages that come with the use of certain apps. It may consume too much space, create a lot of cache content, and even lag occasionally due to bugs. For memory space, there may be evident slowing down of the phone’s performance. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about these if you’re using a phone with at least 2GB of RAM.

Benefits of Having a Good Home Page

While not setting a homepage will still enable you to access any page of your choice, it is even more important that you have one in place. It will give you quicker access to your favorite homepage instead of always typing the address. Just launch the web browser, and the homepage will be accessible.

Much more, a web browser like Opera often comes with news and other tiles that you may not really have the need for. This may be consuming your internet data each time you launch the to since the pages must be updated frequently. The latter can be averted if you change the homepage links to platforms you use often. This may include Wattpad, Facebook, Twitter, and so much more.

The content://com.android.browser.home/ allows you to browse on Android devices easily thanks to the ability to make changes to the default app you use. Therefore, if the manufacturer of your phone has placed a browser whose interface is not easy to navigate or you’re not used to it, you can quickly switch to your favorites.

There are cases where the manufacturer of the device may set the homepage to show data pertaining to them. Hence, you may be forced to access such content but that’s no longer the case since these tips will help you out. The point is, you can get to customize the default browser you use on your phone and at the same time increase your productivity using the solution offered by Content://com.android.browser.home/


content://com.android.browser.home/ focuses on how you can change the default browser on your Android phone or tablet. In the same vein, you can make changes to the default home page on these browsers. It’ll ensure that you gain easy access to your favorite websites. It could be on Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, and even Safari browsers and these changes can be made. If you’re able to do each of these, you would’ve improved the things you can do using your smartphone and more specifically, your web browser.


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