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ColorOS has over 350 Million Monthly Active Users

ColorOS has more than 350 million monthly active users as of March 2020. The information was shared by the official Weibo account of ColorOS. The statistics were analysed by Oppo’s own data research division.

Almost all Android smartphone OEMs have a skin of their own to differentiate themselves. Devices by Chinese brand run the most heavily skinned Android operating system. Because Google is banned in that region and the brands have to provide necessary alternatives to Google services.

ColorOS by Oppo is one of the oldest Android skins, which is currently in its 7th generation called ColorOS 7. Smartphones launched by Oppo have been running this software since the earlier days of brand’s entry into the Android smartphone market. Even handsets from its sub-brand Realme (now an independent brand) ran this up until last year.

Oppo is currently rolling out the delayed ColorOS 7 stable update to its devices. Amidst this, the company boasted the userbase of its mobile operating system to be over 350 million (monthly active) as of March 2020. It also mentioned its mobile software to be available in 140 countries and regions supporting 72 languages. For comparison, the userbase is 40 million more than MIUI (310 million), which is one of the most popular Android skins.

In 2013, ColorOS made its debut; in 2017, the ColorOS Software Store had a cumulative distribution of over 100 billion.

In November 2019, ColorOS 7 was officially released, building Borderless Design 2.0 with “light” at its core, optimized in terms of UI, interaction, animation, sound effects and more.

The new ColorOS 7.1 has been released with the OPPO Find X2 series, optimized for 120Hz refresh rate screens.

ColorOS 7.1 also introduces a number of useful features such as super text, call translation, recording to text and more.

It is interesting to see more ColorOS users than MIUI although the latter is older than the former. This makes us to Oppo users hold on to their phones longer than Xiaomi or Redmi users. Additionally, almost all Xiaomi / Redmi smartphones are popular in the custom ROM community and therefore, this could be one of the causes for the lower count.

It is worth to mention that Oppo has officially unveiled its new cutting-edge under screen camera tech at the ongoing MWC 2019 Shanghai event in China. It’s a first of its kind screen even though it’s just a prototype and we don’t expect a commercial release soon. The under-screen camera which the company calls “Perspective Panorama Screen” allows OPPO to opt for a full-screen curved display with no moving parts, notches, and an exquisite look.

In addition, ColorOS 7.1 also brings a new update to Hyper Boost 3.0, which intelligently adjusts system resource allocation based on the user’s usage scenario, ensuring stable game frame rates while reducing game power consumption.

According to OPPO lab data, Hyper Boost 3.0 can increase CPU resource utilization efficiency by up to 30%, reduce power consumption by up to 12% and reduce temperature by up to 1.4°C. When Hyper Boost 3.0 is turned on, Peace Elite can run at 90FPS high frame rate for a long time.


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