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China to launch 5G Messaging, collaboration between 3 major operators

The traditional messaging system, SMS, is being replaced in China for a newer and more advanced version. 5G messaging will be released in the Southeast Asian country and will be jointly published by three major telecommunications operators.

According to public announcements by the operators, the telecom companies will be fully upgrading their basic text messaging system that is currently in place. 5G messaging will be a hallmark for innovation and offer a better experience overall. The new system has various advantages, which also has direct ties to the users’ identity.

SMS being replaced will allow users to also have a unified messaging platform. In other words, a universal system that would reduce the need for people to rely on third-party messaging applications. The improvements also include an enhanced method of B2C interaction, with a chatbot also being added. 5G messaging will seek to replace the ageing SMS system and bring about more modern features in its place.

For those unaware, China is currently looking at the large scale adoption of 5G networking and its mainstream inclusion. This opens up many areas of development, especially in the forms of digital commerce. Thus, a vast market opportunity will also emerge, with payments and transactions being made digitally, becoming a more common occurrence.

5G network slicing is an ideal choice that will enable smart grid services. It divides the 5G networks into logically isolated systems, where each one could also be seen as a slice. 5G network slicing allows the power hence grid to flexibly customize specific slices with different network functions and separate service level agreement (SLA) assurances according to the diverse requirements of the various services on a power grid.

In this use case, discover the potential diversity of power grid services from the 5G SA-based power slicing innovation project, a collaboration between China Telecom, SGCC (State-Grid-Corporation-of-China) and Huawei, has achieved significant breakthroughs in verifying technology feasibility, exploring business feasibility, and fostering the ecosystem.


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