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Check out the best & cheapest PS4 games here!

having in mind that we have been in an absolute quarantine for more than a month now and that little by little we are beginning to lose our sanity, it is very important to keep our heads occupied with activities that can distract us, such as the case of video-games.

That said, we have already shown you here at Techpera, which are the best free games for different platforms, including the PC and even Android consoles. However, if you do not like these games by any chance, we’ll show you below, which are the best games for the PS4 and which are even cheaper now. This is to pass the rest of the-quarantine in the best way.

At home and with nothing to do? See the best games for PS4 here!


This is an old- game (2015), but it is still a very good option for those who likes horror and RPG games at the same time. Since the title transports every players to a dark world and its engaging story turns out to be a bit macabres.

So, do not expect-facilities because the game itself is demanding, and believe me when I tell you the monsters will not give you a break. After all, even the easy-mode looks more complicated than the one we are used to.
Bloodborne is on sale at the Playstation-Store for around € 20.

Final Fantasy VII Remake-;

Almost a decade has gone since this Remake was officially announced, it seems that it has finally arrived and it is ready to surprise many players. After all, Final-Fantasy VII Remake brings some of the contents left behind in the original game in the series. And also implement it now through really fantastic scenes and with an improved graphics.

In addition, another interesting thing that is still available in the game is its fantastic turn-based combat style. In addition to the cutting-edge graphics that the title now has, it turns out to be very much more captivating and challenging to play.
Final Fantasy VII-Remake is on sale in the Playstation Store for around 70 €.

God of War-;

This is one of the best known game series in the world, and as such, it doesn’t require any type of presentation. After all, its main character (Kratos or ghost of Sparta) is well-known for being the angriest man in the world, and this makes him fight against different gods of Norse mythology.

That said, the most current games in this series are all in the third person, and action is definitely not lacking in a game of this type. This is due to those who mess with gods do not expect to have an easy life, and Kratos is however full of complications.
The God Of War game are on sale on the Playstation-Store with prices ranging from 20 € to 30 €.

Horizon Zero Dawn-;

So this is another of those games that bring together many exciting aspects that undoubtedly deserve a special attention from the players.

Perhaps, this is a title that presents a history where the old world tools and tribal culture are combined with futuristic-technology, where you can even see dinosaurs that are robots. Something that seems very confusing, but that will transport players to a huge & challenging world.
Horizon Zero-Dawn is on sale at the Playstation-Store for around € 13.

The Last Guardian-;

The Last Guardian was to be initially launched on PS3 only, but its development ended up being delayed a little more and was launched on PS4 fortunately.

This is because, if you do not know this game, it presents a very moving and fun story where a boy & a fox or cat (you can not tell the difference). They start a strange but very strong friendship, where together they try to escape from a mystical-prison.
The Last-Guardian is on sale at the Playstation-Store for around € 13.

The Last of Us Remastered-;

All fans of PS4 exclusive will be able to admit that this is an undoubtedly one of the best story games ever made. After all, Naughty Dog has done an excellent job here by adding the much-loved zombies to a Remaster with really impressive graphics.

That said, go through all the challenges that a country in an apocalyptic state has in store for you and alternate between the characters Joel and Ellie. This is because, although the teenager is immune to the disease that is felt, only with the help of Joel will she be able to go on her way in the search for a cure.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

This is another one of the games that as well needs no introduction. After all, have you seen all the Spider Man movies on TV and liked it? So we are quite sure that you will love the game too.

So, travel through the streets of New-York web by web and go on fulfilling the missions necessary for the story to be unfold. However, we advise you now! Some tasks are however somewhat boring and difficult to pass, so do not expect too much ease when playing this title.
Marvel’s Spider Man is on sale in the Playstation Store for about 20 €.

Shadow of the Colossus-;

Shadow of the Colossus was recently added in the free PS Plus games of March, and in truth, we can admit that it captivated many players who had never heard of the title, because its engaging story.

After all, you will have to fight many titans as tall as a skyscraper and, in all of them, find out what your weaknesses are. perhaps, the mission will not be easy at all, given that their attacks are quite powerful & easily kill any player.
Shadow of the -Colossus is on sale at the Playstation-Store for around € 13.

Uncharted 4: The end of a thief-;

Last on the list of the best-games for PS4, but not the least, we have Uncharted 4. A game that at this moment, can be redeemed entirely free from PS-Plus, and that has a really incredible stories.

That said, you will have to play the character of Nathan Drake, who accompanies his brother in search of a great treasure. However, the mission will not be accessible because of the fact that there are other very powerful people behind this gold mine as well.

So be smart in the way you play and solve all the puzzles that lie ahead. Only then will you be able to reach the treasure before all the others.

In short, after having introduced you to the best PS4 games, there is absolutely no reason why you should leave the house unnecessarily. Stay at home and try all these games if you have the chance.


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