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Black Shark brand Xiaomi launch a new powerbank

The Asian manufacturer does not stop launching products. It is not the first time we talked about an external battery of Xiaomi, but in this case, we are facing the first powerbank presented under the Black Shark brand. An essential component for our gadgets and that has a really attractive appearance

Yes, the Xiaomi firm specialized in manufacturing gaming smartphones has decided to make the leap, offering new accessories. At the time, we learned that the Asian firm had presented its command to play from the mobile. And now he makes the leap to external batteries. It is a fact that the firm wants its sub brands to gain weight in the sector. First, it was Redmi, and now it’s Black Shark’s turn.

Of course, as usual in all Xiaomi solutions, this new Black Shark powerbank comes at a scandal price: it will cost 119 yuan, about 15 euros to change. A figure of scandal, more if we consider its interesting features, and attractive design.

10,000 mAh battery for the first Black Shark powerbank

In terms of design, we find an external battery that offers an aggressive look, following the line of its gaming phones. And what about its LED, located at the top. In addition to being a very cool decorative element, it also has a switch to reduce the loading speed. Ideal if we have to connect a smart bracelet or a GamePad. But, the most interesting part is found inside.

For starters, this new powerbank from Xiaomi and Black Shark has two USB A ports and a USB Type-C port. The best? That is capable of offering a fast charging of 18 W, a very interesting figure for such a device. To this, we must add different integrated security systems. These mechanisms will prevent overheating problems, current spikes that could damage the devices we charge or a short circuit.

Regarding the price, we have already told you that the external Black Shark battery will cost only 15 euros to change. But, as usual in this type of products, at the moment it will not leave the Asian market. Anyway, we will have to cross our fingers, since the Beijing-based firm can give us a surprise and bring this interesting Xiaomi powerbank to our country. And if not, we can always go to external suppliers.


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