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Best Trail Camera for Home Security – The Review

Best Trail Camera for Home Security

Have you been in search of the best trail camera for home security? Then, search no more as you will find them on this page today.

Trail cameras are among the best cameras for home security because they can detect motion, take snapshots, and record videos as soon as their sensors are triggered.

These cameras are usually used to track down animals.

Therefore, if your home is located near an area with wildlife animals that may be a threat to you, your family, or your kids.

Then having one of these trail cameras shouldn’t be a bad idea because these cameras will do the tracking while you do the hunting or the killing.

Aside from being useful for tracking animals, you can use them to track humans if you suspect anyone to break into your yard without your permission.

So let’s dive in;

Trail Camera Reviews – Best Trail Camera for Home Security

After a series of tests and research by our tech experts, below are some of the best trail cameras for home security.

  1. Best Overall: Browning Strike Force HD 850

Browning Strike Force HD 850 is one of the best trail cameras for home security.

It is capable of capturing 16-megapixel still-images and 1280×720 HD video with sound in durations ranging from five seconds to two minutes.

It starts recording in 0.4 seconds immediately after its sensors are triggered and can capture up to eight images in multi-shots.

Night images are captured using infrared LED lighting, with a “Zero Blur” technology to avoid blurry images at ranges up to 36 meters.

It has an info bar that displays the time, date, temperature, and moon phase for each image. It also comes with USB and TV output ports, as well as SD card compatibility up to 512GB.

Browning Strike Force HD 850 runs on six AA batteries for hours of reliable use and also includes a 12-volt external power outlet.

The camouflage feature allows it to blend in with its surroundings, whether you tie it to a tree trunk or use its tripod socket.

  1. Best Value: Tougard Trail Camera

Despite being one of the best budget trail cameras under $100, the Tougard Trail Camera shoots well above its price range.

It shoots full HD 1080 video and 14MP photo-stills. Although, you can adjust the image size to increase its storage capacity.

The trigger delay is relatively small as it starts recording in 0.5 seconds after the motion sensor has been triggered, which can also be set to high, low, or medium sensitivity.

Other features include; a wide 120-degree field of view that will ensure that you capture all the action, infrared LEDs capture, detailed black-and-white night images with a total shooting distance of up to 22 meters, among others.

The camera itself is encased in a secure waterproof case to protect itself from stormy weather.

  1. More Connected: Bushnell Aggressor Wireless

If you always want to know what your trail camera is seeing when it’s triggered, use Bushnell Aggressor Wireless (a backyard wildlife camera-wifi).

As its name implies, the device comes with wireless connectivity connected to the Bushnell smart app (available for Apple and Android)  to stream photos and videos directly to your smart device.

You can also control the camera through the app.

High-quality images are captured at 14MB, while videos (with audio) are 720p HD; both start recording at a fast 0.3-second speed. Thanks to a 60-foot wide movement trigger, which can be set to high, medium, low, or auto sensitivity.

Unlike some trail cameras that record videos of up to 10 minutes, Aggressor Wireless only captures them in 60-second increments, but 32GB of internal storage gives you plenty of room to store weeks of reliable footage, enhanced by the option to use an SD additional card.

It runs on 12 AA batteries and offers an average battery life of up to three months.

  1. Fastest Trigger: Spypoint Force-11D

With an official delay of 0.07 seconds (which users report could be even faster), this is the fastest motion-activated trail camera on the market.

The Spypoint Force-11D can do more than just release the shutter quickly.

It captures blur-free HD video and 11 MP images with a 30-meter flash range as well as six different multi-shot options.

It is also capable of capturing infrared images and video at night, complemented with 42 low-brightness LEDs and an infrared boost.

The Spypoint Force-11D is powered by six AA batteries which can last up to 11 months of regular use, although you can also upgrade to a rechargeable lithium battery pack.

  1. Best for Night Shots: Stealth Cam G42NG

Unlike some trail cameras that rely on low-level LED flash or red light lighting to help the camera “see” at night, the Stealth Cam G42NG uses 42 “black” infrared emitters to help capture black images.

In fact, the camera can capture objects up to 30 meters away and at resolutions ranging from 2 to 10 MPs.

Videos are captured in full HD in clips ranging from five to 180 seconds, all with audio. Data captured with each trigger includes time, date, temperature, and moon phase.

With eight AA batteries, the camera can run for up to six months, depending on conditions. Although you can also connect it to a 12-volt battery box via an external power connector.

The camera also includes a USB slot and can handle SD cards up to 32GB – all housed securely in weatherproof housing.

The trigger delay isn’t the best, but with 0.5 seconds you should still be able to capture all animals except the most nimble and fastest, especially if you use burst mode, which can fire up to nine images per trigger.


At this point, you should have made the decision on which trail camera you prefer because we have given a review about each of the above.

So ensure that you share this article with your colleagues who might be also be searching for the best trail camera for home security.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, if you know any trail cameras that should be on this list. Share them with us.

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