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Beats Powerbeats review: AirPods Pro sound with lower cost

If every brand has their own personified image, the brand Beats is definitely a sportsman who has a fit appearance and fashionable taste. Such imagination is also what the brand wants you to believe. To construct such kind of imagination, what’s most important is good products. Powerbeats series targeting the sports market is becoming one of the most important pieces of the Beats picture.

The earphone fashion now is not just about hearing enjoyment. As the market has been filled with those wireless earphones and gone widely beyond music lovers, it seems that attractive acoustical structure is no longer given top priority, no matter by mass users and manufacturers. However, the less the market pays attention to it, the more we are looking forward to those traditional audio producers doing something. TechPera Reviewed the new Powerbeats and found that the new Powerbeats could be one of the ‘something’, but more than just a ‘market-like’ earphone product.

Design & appearance

The new Powerbeats inherited the classic Beats design. Not just talking about the earphone body but also the solid packing. The process of unboxing was so delightful that we all agreed that the packing design of new Powerbeats is one of the best Sport-headset designs that we have seen.

The familiar Beats shape was never outdated. Another new Beats product using the same design is the Powerbeats Pro. The connected wire makes the Powerbeats feel like a ‘wired-version’ of Powerbeats Pro. Although you may find that the Pro version is $50 more expensive than the Powerbeats, the Powerbeats probably is an all-round better choice except for the connected wire. Just think differently, then you would find out the wire of Powerbeats should be more practical as we could loosen our ears from the discomfort of sport earhook headphones rather than totally take them off. The wire would allow you to drape them around your neck as you feel the discomfort. Meanwhile, the wire with proper length does not size-up the Powerbeats and it is still portable enough.

In addition, the Powerbeats is so light that it won’t cause too much discomfort. The special material of the earhook part naturally matches the body part with solid build and design. As I worked out with the Powerbeats, its sweatproof and waterproof design ensured that I could be at peace.

The ear-in design probably is the main reason that forced some consumers to give up on this earphones. But as a solid sporty headphone providing various-size eartips, the wearing experience of the Powerbeats has been already improved a lot. Indeed, for people who have not worn the design before, it may take some time to adjust for the first time. Another important point here is that the Powerbeats may not be so friendly for those who wear glasses.

Wearing & interactions

At the top left, there is a small power button, as well as a small power indicator. Long press it to start connect phones or other Bluetooth devices. Because the Powerbeats run an H1 chip, which is also the control chip for the Apple AirPods Pro, they worked so well with Apple products. The iPhones and iPad could easily detect the Powerbeats and fast establish the connection as soon as we power-on the earbuds. The experience is completely the same as the AirPods Pro:

The pairing card automatically pop up from the bottom of the display;
Click ‘connect’ and see battery information of the Powerbeats;
get it done with one click ‘complete’.

Thanks to the physical buttons on both sides, all the interaction can be done without much learning. Besides volume buttons and the power button, users can press the ‘Logo b’ for more interactions. For example, tap it once to play or pause music, or press twice to play the next song or three times for the last song. And it also allows you to call out Siri with a long press.


With the support of the Apple H1 chip, the sound quality of the Powerbeats is pretty close to the AirPods Pro or even better. Strong low and mid-frequencies of music came from the small buds and provided rich, immersive listening experience. What’s most impressive was their high frequencies performance. Singers’ voices and instruments were pure and clean. Rich detail of the music was clearly delivered from the buds to my ears without popping feeling in my ears.

Work-out equipment

In daily use, I generally wore it as I work out or stay outdoors. Since I kept dropping wireless TWS earbuds outdoors, the Powerbeats did bring me the confidence to have larger movements without worrying where I drop the small buds. More importantly, as a pair of sporty earphones, it met my expectations regarding wearing comfort even for a long time. Nevertheless, I still won’t recommend wearing it for a long time due to the potential damage to your hearing.

Another interesting application is the Audio Sharing function. It lets users wirelessly share audio (e.g. songs, podcasts, movies) with another pair of wireless headphones, including most wireless Beats headphones and Apple AirPods products. You will have more fun when you share the listening joy of sound with your families or friends rather instead of sharing a music file.

Charge & battery endurance

Another highlight of the Powerbeats is the Fast Fuel charge technology. A 5-minute charge was able to provide around 1-hour playback. Combined with the 15-hour battery endurance, the experience actually was better than most wireless earbuds with a charging case.


Rather than say the Powerbeats is a lower version of the Powerbeats Pro, it’s more like an upgraded version. The price of $150 is the reason that we consider it as an upgraded Powerbeats Pro. It lets consumers have a better choice by costing less but giving the same sound experience of the Powerbeats Pro, and even the AirPods Pro. If you like to enjoy music when working out, I think the Powerbeats is definitely designed for you.


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