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Android 10 Update for Galaxy A70 & April Security Patch for Galaxy M31 are Bricking the Devices

Samsung rolled out One UI 2.0 update based on Android 10 to the Galaxy A70 in certain markets a few days back. In a similar fashion, the company released April 2020 security patch for Galaxy M31. Now, the users who downloaded and installed the update are ended up with a non-functioning slab of brick.

Galaxy A70 One UI 2.0 Android 10 Update Bricks The Device

The South Korean technology giant has been updating a number of its devices to One UI 2.0 (Android 10). The Galaxy A70 launched back in March 2019 finally got its turn for the update exactly after a year from its launch. But unfortunately, it turned out to be bricking the devices. As of now, Samsung has halted the rollout but it is yet to acknowledge the issue.

According to SamMobile, the bricking of Samsung Galaxy A70 phones on updating it to Android 10 is a hardware issue, which requires the user to visit the nearest customer service center to replace a new PCB. Sadly, it isn’t possible in this current lockdown situation.

The smartphone maker has used two different versions of PCB to handle charging and control screen on the Galaxy A70. Hence, every time the brand releases a new update, the PCB is also updated to support the latest firmware. But with the One UI 2.0 Android 10 update, the firm has forgotten to include the code to update the PCB. Thus the motherboard assumes the battery to be empty and prevents the phone from booting.

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, Samsung seems to have rolled back the OTA but still does not update your Galaxy A70 to Android 10 if you ever receive the notification.

April 2020 Security Patch Update Could Brick Galaxy M31

In the case of Galaxy A70, the handset is certain to get bricked if the Android 10 update is initiated. On the other hand, the April 2020 security patch update on Galaxy M31 has a possibility of bricking the device and we recommend you not to update the device.

Our unit too received the update weighing 545.26 MB yesterday (April 10), and installed without any issue. But the same cannot be said for a number of unfortunate users who have reported their bad luck on Samsung Members app and Twitter.

The only fix for this issue is once again visiting the nearest Samsung service center to clean flash the firmware. Again this is not possible for many as they are closed due to lockdown order by governments across the world to fight the outbreak of coronavirus aka COVID-19.


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