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AMD and Intel have a formidable new foe but you’ll never guess who it is

An unexpected rival has emerged that could give Intel and AMD a chance for their money, at least in the very lucrative market for servers and cloud computing.

Amazon’s new Graviton2 CPU has been extensively tested by Andrei Frumusanu of our sister website Anandtech, And the results show that this new kid on the block beats the headlines when it comes to yield per dollar.

Graviton2 was tested with two other cloud computing resources offered by Amazon Web Services: m5a (AMD EPYC 7571) and m5n (Intel Xeon Platinum 8259CL Cascade Lake). Andrei found that it could offer savings of up to 54%, which he says represents “a massive shake-up for the AWS and EC2 ecosystem.”

According to Andrei, unless you’re tied to the x86 platform, you’d be “stupid not to switch over to Graviton2 instances” once they become more widely available for everything from VPN (AWS VPN) to web hosting (AWS Light Sail).

For now, expect AMD’s EPYC2 processors to put up a bit of a fight – at least until Graviton3 lands.


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