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Amazfit X Concept smartwatch is finally listed on Indiegogo

Huami Technology unveiled its Amazfit X Concept smartwatch in August 2019 alongside standard products like Amazfit GTS and Amazfit Sports Watch 3. Although the latter devices were soon available for purchase, the former is only now set to go on sale as it has been finally listed on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo with a coming soon tag.

The Huami Amazfit X Concept smartwatch is one of a kind concept product with futuristic vibes. The watch resembles a fitness tracker or smart band with a 2.07-inch flexible OLED screen inclined at 92°. This design is achieved by heating the metal body under 700°C along with the 6-bend bending process.

The company claims the display to offer 244% more viewing area than any wearable of similar size. Further, the panel has 326ppi and has support for 100% NTSC colour gamut with up to 430 nits of brightness.

Since it is a smaller curved smartwatch, the company uses a 3-segment motherboard and a curved 220mAh battery, which is rated to power the wearable for seven days on a full charge.

Just like any other Amazfit wearable, it supports app notifications, various tracking modes, a proprietary heart-rate monitor called BioTracker™ PPG sensor, and hidden electronic buttons for controls.

Anyway, though the Amazfit X Concept smartwatch is listed on Indiegogo, the price for the same is yet to be declared.

The X’s maker has not released many of its details prior to its IGG campaign teaser, which including when it will go online exactly. However, interested consumers can as well sign up now to be informed of this via email. It should be noted that following -through with a backing will also come with some risks to the capital-involved (Amazfit has of course not named the cost of a reward- just yet)-.

Besides the usual potential- downsides of participating in such a crowd-funded event, the X’s internals (its SoC & OS included) remain a mystery. Then again, we already have known it is likely to ship with a 220mAh battery and has a motherboard that fits into the slight bangle like form factor thanks to an innovative segmented- design. In addition, Amazfit -has indicated that it will, however, have numerous health tracking features, a BioTracker PPG heart rate sensor included-.

However, it will be up to the individual’s enthusiast if owning this possibly revolutionary technology at its current stage is worth giving an Amazfit their money in the very nearby future. Those who would prefer a more traditional -smartwatch could, however, also consider the same brand’s new T-Rex or Bip S, which should as well become available soon.


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