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Alibaba DAMO institute develop new ISP with 10% better night image recognition for self driving vehicles

Alibaba has just announced that its DAMO institute has developed a new ISP process. This advancement will bring about a better vision technology for autonomous cars or self driving cars, especially during the night or in low light scenarios.

According to official notes, the new ISP will allow for greater safety for self driving cars since it improves upon the 3D noise reduction and image enhancement algorithms that were previously developed. In other words, this will allow the autonomous automotive to “see” clearer. At the moment, the process is already being utilized by unmanned logistics vehicles, while it’s on road tests that have already reached industry leading levels, according to the Alibaba institute.

For those unaware, ISP stands for Image Signal Process and is an integral part of a camera. Its primary function is to process and perform the arithmetic behind the signal output by the image sensor on the front, namely the CMOS. Through the ISP, a self driving vehicle can “see” the environment around it clearly. In simpler terms, it enables the car to understand and guide the car through the environment using the camera sensor.

According to the DAMO institute, the self developer ISP process has greatly been improved upon. Its image recognition capabilities are better during the day and night. Test results have revealed an improvement of more than 10 percent in object detection and recognition capabilities even during the night. The range has also been improved and the sensor now trumps the industry’s current mainstream processors.


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