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Aka.ms/xboxsetup Xbox Setup Code and Tips

Wondering how the website http://aka.ms/xboxsetup works or are you searching for the Xbox setup code? Let’s get started and help you out there buddy. It’s useful having a device like the Xbox since you’ll be able to enjoy the best games out there and even stream movies. In the case of the latter, you could stream baseball games like that of the MLB live stream on Reddit.

On the other hand, you may need a code if you’re trying to set up the Xbox One S for the first time. Users oftentimes reported that they were required to update the app’s firmware. In this case, the Xbox app will have to be downloaded using a smartphone such as the iPhone or even an Android device.

When such a request comes up, you’ll also be presented with a website and the code you need to input to set up the Xbox. The website, in this case, is http://aka.ms/xboxsetup. Accordingly, after adhering to the prompt to download the Xbox app, installing the app, the first screen you’ll encounter is to set up the Xbox.

Now, all you need to do at this point is to enter the code that you were provided with when the first prompt to install the app had been shown. The display message you’ll see is “Let’s get started. Enter the code from the console update screen.” Nonetheless, let’s walk you through the step of setting up your Xbox One using the Xbox app.

How to Set up Xbox One with Xbox App


In order to digitally set up your Xbox One using the setup app on your smartphone, you need a get the code from the Xbox website (Aka.ms/xboxsetup) and download the app.

On your Android or iOs smartphone, do the following:

  • Use your Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other web browser to access the website http://aka.ms/xboxsetup or place your phone’s camera close to the QR code displayed on the website
  • Write down the code that is displayed on your phone. Note that this code is important since you’ll be asked to enter it when you sign in to the Xbox app.
  • When you’re presented with the Xbox screen, click on ‘Tap to continue setup’ with the Xbox app.

The next step is to download the Xbox app for Android or iOS if you did not have it before this time.

  • After downloading the app, sign in, and enter the code you had copied earlier from the update screen
  • Answer the questions you’re presented until the setup process is complete
  • Return to your console and after system update is complete, you’ll be asked to apply the settings from your Xbox app.
  • To do so, select Yes.

And that’s all there is when it comes to how to set up an Xbox One s or Xbox 360.

Lost Code and Inability to Access Console

While it sounds quite easy to follow the steps outlined above, there are cases where it may not go as planned. For example, if you had forgotten to write down the code, then it would make it challenging to even carry out the setup process. Therefore, if you’re presented with this code, it’s best you pen it down since it goes off the screen after some minutes.

On the other hand, a user reported that several attempts they had made to recover the code proved abortive. For starters, they had taken the bold step to factory reset the Xbox in a bid to get it back to the initial stage when it was first powered. Despite the factory reset, they were still unable to get it working. The previous data was deleted, however, the firmware maintained its updated state.

Accordingly, we’ll outline certain measures you can take in a bid to find an aka.ms/xboxsetup code to use. We’ll also outline what the code helps the app or console to perform.

How to Get the Xbox Setup Code After First Attempt

If you had already been shown the code but lost access to it, there are certain measures you can try. Check out the following.

Uninstall the App:

The first thing you’ll need to try is to uninstall the Xbox app from your smartphone. Once that is in place, you can then try the installation process again where you’ll be presented with the code. And once you get it, ensure that you submit the code on time or even copy it out.

Contact Support:

What happens if you’ve tried these tips to get your aka.ms/xboxsetup code, then the next step is to contact the Xbox support team. They’ll be in a better position to help you out and get the problem sorted out in no time. You also get a person that understands what’s going on better than you do and can proffer a workable solution.

About the Xbox App

The Xbox app, on the other hand, for Android and iOS devices comes with exciting features. This app connects your games from other devices and also connects you to other members of the gaming community. The app can be used to buy games or used to control the Xbox One.

Control the  Xbox One

The Xbox app can be used to control the Xbox One. Here, the app helps you to navigate using the keyboard and touch functionality of your phone. You also get to use the app as a media controller for the Xbox One. This enables you to play, pause, and carry out other actions.

Share Captures

A major feature of the Xbox app includes its ability to let you share screenshots of the gaming screen with your friends and even to your social media pages. Your game clips can also be published on your activity page, hence, think of it as a way of showing off your gaming skills.

Purchase Games

You also get to select from a great collection of games. And given that you’ll be making a one-time payment to access these games, they have been designed with great graphics, tactics, gameplay, etc to keep you entertained.

Connect with Other Gamers

The Xbox app takes it once step further with a feature called Looking for Group (LFG). The latter enables you to find other people to game with. What’s more, you can be a part of the Xbox Live Club to interact with other users of the app.

Group Messaging:

There’s the ability to communicate with one user at a time thanks to the multi-user conversation feature of this platform. Hence, you and your other buddies can exchange messages as a group.

Xbox One Setup Tips

The best Xbox One setup tips can also help you to make the most of your new gaming console. Accordingly, some of the best tips for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X you should consider are:

1. Transfer Data to the New Xbox One:

We’ll like to believe you may have owned an Xbox One before this time but upgraded to a better variant such as the Xbox One X. If that’s the case, then it’s important to transfer the apps, games, and settings on the old console to the new one. There’s the Xbox One X setup guide you can rely on to move these files without losing any.

That being the case, you can transfer the apps and games on the old console by connecting both devices to the internet. You can then navigate to Settings on the console you’re moving the games from. In Settings, go to System, then access Backup & Transfer. Here, you’ll find “Allow Network Transfer,” an option that will enable you to move one file to the other.

And to transfer your account settings, you need to navigate to Menu, Systems, and then choose Settings. From there you can select Back up. The latter will enable you to copy the settings into an external storage device.

2. Use Xbox as Your Home Console

Allowing Xbox to be the Home console gives anyone who uses your profile to gain direct access to the apps and games on the console. Much more, they do not have to sign in unless there has been a restriction set on the device.

Therefore, you can set Xbox as the home console by:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Goto Personalization
  • Access My Home Xbox

These steps will allow the console you’ve chosen to be the home console. And once the change has been made, the licenses on the old console will no longer be available on it. Needless to say, the former home Xbox can still allow those who have been granted access rights to your account play these games. You can also rely on the fact that the Home console can be changed several and that’s as much as five times.

3. Get a Hard Drive with a Large Capacity

There’s a console with a large space to work with, however, this space may fill up faster than you expect. Hence, you’ll need one of the best Xbox One hard drives. It does not come as a surprise given the large size of the games that will be stored in it. The Xbox One S has a storage space of 500MB or 1TB. There’s the Xbox One X that has a capacity of 1TB.

Despite the large capacity to work with, the hard drive may still fill up faster than you expect. If that happens, you may have to start deleting the former games and even make a selection on which to choose over the other. Asides from the large size of the game taking up storage, updates to these games may also take up considerable space.

4. Add Safety Lock to Your Xbox Family Account:

There’s a way to set up a Family account on your Xbox console. Doing so will ensure your kids or other users of the console are not exposed to certain materials. In the same vein, your private stuff will stay private and free from the eyes of every other person. If you’re able to do this, you can share your account with others conveniently without worry.

Therefore, navigate to Settings, go to Account, and then select Family. You can then proceed to create a Child account for your kids. This also takes it one step further to control the kind of content your kids can access on the internet. New features these days ensures that the time a person spends on screen is limited. This feature also limits purchases made, enhances the privacy of kids, and also filters content. All this and more are made possible using the Microsoft account for parents.

5. Hard Reset If Need Be:

There are times when the proper functioning of your Xbox can be restored by a hard reset. You may have to turn it off and on to get things working properly again. Once you carry out this action, the cache of this device will be cleared. As such, issues that were caused by it will be resolved. Some of these issues range from game crashes, network problems, and so much more.

Now fret not since a hard reset of turning off and on does not entirely wipe off your games or even saved data. You’ll only be clearing the cache to leave more room for new operations that will be carried out.


Getting your Xbox One setup using the website aka.ms/xboxsetup is quite easy once you follow the easy steps we have outlined above. You can get the code and get your new console up and running in no time. And most importantly, you need to write down the code to ensure you don’t encounter issues when it’s time to enter the code.

Asides from being able to set up the new console from the aka.ms/xboxsetup, there are also tricks you can carry out to make the most of the unit. From moving the settings, apps, and games from your old console to the new one, to setting up a Family account to enhance privacy.


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