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8K TVs shipments may not cross 1 million till 2021, pandemic disrupts supply

With the current standards of TVs, the 8K resolution is the premium/highest grade product one can go for. However, it seems that vendors may not ramp up their production until 2021. The reason for this is the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, which has affected the global supply chain.

According to a new report, the global market crossing 1 million units in production for 8K TVs might not be achieved until after 2020 passes. As it stands right now, the world is gripped by the viral outbreak, which has affected various economies and industries as well. The lower production numbers arrive despite various OEMs launching their 8K offerings.

This includes Samsung‘s 65, 75, 82 and 96-inch QLED 8K TVs, LG‘s 65, 75, 77 and 88-inch OLED models and even Sharp’s two new Aquos 8K Smart TVs, which were launched in Japan. Currently, Sharp has been trying to bump its 8K TV shipments in the Taiwan market. The brand has already discounted its 60 inch 8K models recently and is already planning to market its 120 inch 8K TV in Q2 of 2020.

Many vendors are unable to promote their 8K TV offerings in strategic markets like China, Europe, and the US. These regions generally have a high demand for such high-resolution TVs. However, the recent pandemic has made it much harder for companies to follow through. The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics has also hampered many vendors’ plans for promotion.

All 8K TVs will have an advanced upscaling abilities to make sure that the 4K or HD content looks excellent when the resolution is increased to fill the screen. 4K content is very relatively easy to upscale for it, but given that only a limited amount of stuff on the streaming services and even less on the broadcast is as well available in 4K, upscaling HD will be what that sorts the best of the best 8K TV sets from the also rans.

What does 8K mean in the terms of visual qualities?

Traditional 35mm film is also often said to be equivalent to about 6K, so we are beyond the level of the detail that even real film is as well capable of. IMAX 70mm film is also estimated to be more like 12K, but actually, the digital effect for IMAX scenes tends to be created in 8K, and if that is good enough for Christopher Nolan, it is good enough for us. And If you want a headline description of 8K, it has the IMAX experience at home.


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