Recently, a Weibo post, a Chinese microblogging website, leaked the Huawei P40 series core suppliers list. In other words, the list revealed the manufacturers behind its crucial components are mostly based domestically, in China. These don’t include the handset’s processor and other proprietarily developed technology.

According to the leaked list, the Huawei P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ use camera modules from Sony, Largan, Sunny Optical, OFILM, LuxVision, Q Technology, and Crystal Optech. Similarly, the fingerprint scanner is built by Goodix Technology with parts from OFILM, and Q Technology. The display touch panel and glass are provided by Lens Technology and Beil Crystal.

On 27th March, Yuan Feng, the CEO of BOE, had revealed that both the flagship models feature BOE curved displays.

A Chinese tech reporting portal, XYZone had also published a teardown video of their own. This breakdown revealed that most core components were sourced from China (primarily Huawei’s HiSilicon chipset and other technologies), Taiwan, South Korea, and even Japan. Although a small portion was also sourced from American companies like Skyworks, Qorvo, and Qualcomm for the RF fronts.

According to analysts, Huawei already has pre-existing stocks for various components. This was done prior to its US ban that disallowed it from working with US based companies. However, from its inventory, it seems that the company still has enough parts for the next year at the very least, by then the company would’ve also come up with viable replacements or through other proprietary development.


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